Fascinating travel documentaries you need to watch

Whether you’ve got a trip coming up, or are just in a constant state of wanderlust, then watching travel documentaries will prove to be both exciting and awe-inspiring. They could spur you on to book another trip or get you riled up for your impending travels. And you just can’t beat a good ol’ travel documentary. So take a look at the top five travel documentaries that we think every jetsetter should watch.

Long Way Round

What could be better than a travel documentary? One with Ewan McGregor in it. This 2004 documentary follows McGregor, Charley Boorman, and their cameraman Claudio von Planta on their travels from London to New York on their motorbikes. During their journey, they traveled across thirteen countries – from the UK, across Europe, through Canada and finishing up in the United States – and crossed over 30,000 km. They have the time of their lives, meeting new people, sharing new cultures, and seeing new landmarks. In true documentary style, they also have some troubles along the way, making it a gripping watch. It’s the perfect adventure.

Long Way Round


Many travelers often explore new places to not only find hidden gems in the world, but to also find themselves, and push their limits. Blindsight follows the lives of six blind Tibetan children attempting to climb Mount Everest. They have to find their way across glaciers and climb up steep precipices. This is in a country where blind people are often mistreated, persecuted, mocked and tortured. The spirit of these children and the incredible backdrop of Tibet will undoubtedly inspire you.

Stephen Fry in America

If you’re thinking of traveling to America, it can often be easier to travel to the well-known destinations and get trapped in the typical tourist trap, like the Empire State Building. But in this documentary, Stephen Fry travels to every single state in the country to uncover the hidden gems of the United States. Of course, he does it all in a traditional British black cab. Fry reveals the magic and history that each state has to offer, which many of the residents had even forgotten about. It’ll definitely make you want to go on a road trip across the USA.


For those of you who love being in the water, you’ll love this one. For those of you who don’t, the idea of filmmaker Rob Stewart spending 200 days of the year underwater might not entice you, but his incredible underwater photography might just change your mind. This documentary follows Stewart’s travels underwater to capture the beauty in some of the world’s most incredible and most hostile oceans. You’ll see schools of sharks, multi-colored fish, and so many fascinating underwater creatures that you’ll never see the ocean in the same way again.


The Fruit Hunters

Many people travel the world to sample all of the different foods, cuisines, and cultures of each country. These Fruit Hunters travel across the Hollywood Hills, Miami, Bali, Umbria, Honduras and Borneo in an attempt to find the juiciest, tastiest and rarest fruits in the business. The main aim of this documentary is to encourage travelers to travel with their mouths, and explore what your own town or city has to offer. And there are some incredible scenes and landscapes along the way.