Man’s wheel falls off his car, but he keeps driving anyway

Before you start reading this article, we have one question for you. Would you consider yourself a safe driver? After you’ve answered that, we have another question for you. Who is the most dangerous driver you know? Once you’ve answered that too, we’re about to hit you with some knowledge: The driver in this story is a more dangerous driver than you, or anyone you know – and that is a fact.

The missing wheel

You won’t be arguing with us when you read this story. After you hear what this man did, you’ll be thinking a number of things.

First of all, you’ll be astonished by how crazy some drivers can be. Second of all, you’ll feel a bit more confident in yourself as a driver. And third of all, you’ll actually be impressed what the car in this story managed to do. With one wheel missing, it’s a wonder that it was able to move at all.

Car dreams

When you’re a little kid, all you can think about is driving. It’s practically a dream for some children who have a particular affinity for cars.

Maybe you’re a fan of the BMW series, or maybe you’re more into the rugged Jeep brand. Whatever the case, sometimes you can fall in love with a car so much that you’ll walk past the same house every day just so that you could take a look at it. It’s a love affair that you cherish.

Proper maintenance

As your love for cars develops as a young child, you also begin to understand the value of taking care of your valuables.

And as you grow older, you begin to appreciate how valuable cars really are – especially because they certainly aren’t cheap. Regardless of whether you grow up rich, poor, or somewhere in between, you understand that maintaining a car is something you do when you own one. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way.

Learning to drive

In addition to maintaining the car, there is another huge factor in this equation – the actual driving of it.

When you’re finally old enough to get your license, you must train long and hard to become an experienced enough driver to pass a driving test. And that’s not even including the written theory test that you take at the start of it all. What we’re trying to say is, everyone who has their license is expected to be a competent driver.

Safety first

It all comes down to safety. As much as people want to show off in front of girls, or show their guy friends how fast their new ride is, the most important thing about driving is being safe.

There are so many road accidents nowadays, especially with all of the texting goes on, that people really need to be on their guard more than ever these days. You never know when you might encounter someone who is a crazier driver than you.

Preparing for crazy drivers

A wise person once said, “Always assume that everyone else on the road is an idiot.” This person wasn’t trying to be mean – he simply was trying to teach a good method of safe driving.

Sure, not everyone on the road is unsafe, but you still must assume that anyone could be one of the people that are. Essentially, everyone else on the road are strangers – and you never know when the world’s worst driver might be just around the corner.

Shattering the rules

When it comes to this story, you’ll find yourself mind-boggled by what one man did. Because this person didn’t just bend the rules of driving.

He didn’t just break the rules of driving. He shattered them into a million little pieces, and everyone else on the road we’re forced to watch as he not only put them all in danger – but he put himself in danger too. It’s unclear why he felt the need to do such a thing – but the reason is unimportant.

Four wheel drive

It sounds obvious – but you must have four wheels on your car before you start driving. Does it feel like we’re treating you like a child?

We don’t mean to make you feel this way. In reality, we know that you’re well aware of this fact, but apparently there are some people who must be reminded of it. Yes, every car must have four wheels riding smoothly (unless it’s a motorcycle, a truck, etc.). And we all have an obligation to every else on the road to be safe.

Solid footage

Thanks to the emergence of video footage taken on a person’s phone while he was driving on the road (don’t worry, he was in the passenger seat), we have become witnesses to a person who went the distance on the road.

And when we say he went the distance, we mean that he drove further than we ever thought was possibly with only three wheels on his car. And it didn’t look pretty at all.

Strange sightings

Anyway, as this person was riding on the freeway, he noticed something strange in front of him.

As we’ve already hinted, there was a white pickup truck that clearly had a wheel missing. There were a number of questions he had to be thinking. One of them must have been: “How did the wheel go missing?” But the more pressing, and slightly alarming question was obvious: “How in the world is this car still driving, and more importantly, why?”

Sparks flying

Without a rubber wheel to create a balanced flow on the road, the only thing that was touching the road in that region of the car was metal.

Just thinking about the idea of metal scraping across a freeway like that is enough to make anyone cringe, but this was actually happening. As a result there were orange sparks emanating from that area. The corner of the car was giving off a screeching sound, and it wasn’t looking good at all.

Getting closer

As the cameraman kept driving, he started to get closer to the white pickup truck, because although it was driving, the absence of its wheel had rendered it to be pretty slow.

The truck was in the lane adjacent to his right, and as he got a little bit closer, he noticed a number of strange things going on. Now that he was getting closer, he could see a number of hazards that rung a few bells in his mind. The first one was obvious.

Clearly lopsided

The first thing he realized as he neared the pickup truck on his right was that is was slanted substantially.

The truck’s height was dramatically lowered on the front right end of it, and it wasn’t subtle in the slightest. Trucks are pretty big cars as it is, so the lack of a wheel made it even clearer how lopsided the car looked. But aside from outward appearance, the slantedness of the car raised another obvious issue.

Serious damage

As you can probably imagine, this was probably doing a considerable amount of damage to the car.

This is the reason that we started off this segment by talking about the proper maintenance of cars. It’s not like this person had simply forgotten to take his car in for an oil change. He was straight up scraping his truck across the freeway! It was bizarre to an extreme level, and you can only wonder how shocked the person taking the video was.

Excited cameraman

Anyway, so the cameraman passed the white truck, but he was far from done keeping tabs on it.

This was probably the most exciting, albeit dangerous, thing that had happened to him all day, and he wasn’t about to say goodbye just yet. The traffic started to build up, and by that point he was at least a few cars in front of the white truck. He turned his camera backwards, and kept following this three-wheel car that kept dragging along.

Following him everywhere

He filmed the white truck as it got cut off by another faster car. He filmed it as it proceeded to switch lanes.

The truck was moving at an extremely slow pace, but it was still miraculously moving. After all, it still had three wheels, and they were doing their best to carry the metal corner along. The cameraman was silent for pretty much the entirety of the taping, until after a while, he couldn’t hold his feelings in much longer.

Expressing his thoughts

After watching the wheel-less truck for long enough, like watching an extraordinary television show, the young man with the camera said out loud, “What the hell is this guy doing?”

It seemed that he was way past the novelty of it all, and he wanted answers. He was desperate to know why in the world this guy was driving his car in the state it was in. After all, it’s not like he had no choice. Then again, did he have a choice?

Alternative options

At the forefront of it all, it seems that the truck driver obviously had a choice. Once he’d lost his wheel, he could’ve pulled over to the side of the road.

Once on the side of the road, he could’ve gotten a spare tire and changed in on the spot, or he could’ve called a tow truck to save him out of his misery. Those would’ve been two very viable options, but instead he opted to keep scraping his car along that dusty pavement.

In a rush?

The young man with the camera had a theory of his own, but it’s unclear if he was being serious when he voiced his opinion.

When he eventually posted his video online, he wrote the caption, “Some guys wheel fell off and he kept driving it. Guess he had to be somewhere right away.” There seems to be a lot of empathy in that second comment, although it can also be interpreted as sarcasm. But the cameraman still wasn’t done.

Surreal but silent

The driver kept following the white truck wherever he went. He even slowed down considerably so that he could watch the car as it got closer.

It was like he was in disbelief, and we totally see where he’s coming from. Watching the video is pretty surreal, almost like you never knew that something like that was possible. But even though our trusty documentarians got extremely close to the car, they never asked the person what he was doing.

Not the best plan

Maybe they didn’t want to embarrass the driver, or maybe they were just in too much shock to say anything.

But one thing’s for sure. Whatever the man’s reasoning was, it was an extremely dangerous thing for him to do. Hopefully there wasn’t something a lot more serious going on, and we certainly hope that everything’s okay in his life. But if this is the case, we still wonder if there may have been a better way to solve the matter.