The romantic life of Kelly LeBrock is finally out

Kelly LeBrock is a name many of you may be familiar with, especially if you grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s – or at least enjoy a good ‘80s movie! If you are not familiar with the name, then it’s definitely time to brush up on your film knowledge.

However, long before Kelly LeBrock became a famous actress, she had already made a name for herself a totally different career path. However, it wasn’t just her career that threw this young star into the limelight. Her life and relationships have been a constant source of headlines, too. Especially when it came to the relationship (and then lack thereof) with someone extremely famous indeed.

Kelly LeBrock was born in New York City but wasn’t brought up there. In fact, her parents decided to move to the affluent area of Kensington in London, England, when Kelly was just a child. Born on March 24, 1960, Kelly was named after her grandmother Mary Helen Kelly who was from County Armagh in Ireland. Her grandmother married a man named John Traynor, and the pair of them gave birth to Maria Traynor – Kelly LeBrock’s mother. Maria met and married Kelly’s father, who was French-Canadian, and the rest, as they say, is history.

LeBrock has kept much of her life under wraps over the years, despite often being in the limelight. She’s never really spoken about her personal life, her marriages, her divorces, or her children. Even when she was at the height of her career, Kelly LeBrock tried to avoid the press as much as possible. Until now. After taking a long hiatus, it seems as though this ‘80s starlet is back with a bang, bigger and better than ever. And she’s got some secrets to tell, too. Many of the things we’re about to cover are things Kelly has kept quiet about, up until now.


Before Kelly LeBrock became the esteemed actress she is today, she dabbled in modeling. She was living in England at the time, trying to make a name for herself in the modeling world, however, it came with its drawbacks. Kelly LeBrock found herself making unhealthy lifestyle choices, including substance abuse, and so decided that the best course of action was to get away for good. She fled England and moved to Hollywood, to start her life over again.

Meeting Victor Drai

It wasn’t long before LeBrock got settled into the Hollywood lifestyle or before she met her future husband, Victor Drai! As another aspiring actor, the pair clicked straight away. In an interview about how things started, she said, “We went to Paris, fell in love, and rented a bunch of French movies.” Aww! The pair were married in 1984, just two years after they first met. They also created an Academy Award winning movie together.

Making her debut

LeBrock’s first film was The Woman in Red, released in 1984, which was produced by Victor Drai and based on Pardon Mon Affaire. This was one of the movies that Drai and LeBrock saw together during their time in Paris. They thought it would be a good remake to focus their artistic talents on, so set about recreating it. Kelly LeBrock played the young love interest of Gene Wilder, who also directed the movie. It won an Academy Award for Best Original Song; Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.”

Meeting Gene

Kelly LeBrock remembers her first meeting with Gene Wilder, her co-star in The Woman in Red. She has often spoken about her close friendship with the late actor but is particularly fond of telling the story of the first time they met. She recalls being absolutely starstruck when Gene Wilder turned up at her house, as all she could think was “I can’t believe Willy Wonka is in my house!” We think we would have the same reaction, personally!

That Marilyn moment

One of the most talked about scenes in The Woman in Red is THAT Marilyn Monroe moment. In one of the scenes, Kelly LeBrock stands over an air vent in a stunning red dress (well, it is called The Woman in Red for a reason). In true Marilyn fashion, her dress billows up around her, to create the iconic scene. It was definitely a clever way to get Kelly LeBrock noticed in the world of Hollywood, during her very first film.

Next big role

Kelly LeBrock’s next big role came in the form of Lisa, in Weird Science. This sci-fi comedy was written and directed by John Hughes, and released in 1985. However, LeBrock wasn’t always going to take on the role. When she was offered it, she turned it down, saying she was having far too much fun with her friend Sting in the South of France. The casting directors gave the role to one of her friends, instead.

Cutting her vacation short

A few weeks into filming, Kelly LeBrock received a call from the directors saying that there was a problem with who they had cast. They wanted her to leave France and get a plane to Chicago right away. Kelly LeBrock finally agreed to play the part of Lisa, a supermodel who was created by two nerds on their computers. She was pretty spot on for the role, thanks to her modeling background and incredible looks. Kelly LeBrock played the part to perfection!

Making it into music

It wasn’t just Kelly LeBrock fans that thoroughly enjoyed her part in Weird Science, turns out she became a muse for bands too! Bastille, the British indie band, actually used quotes from the character Lisa in their 2016 song, Good Grief. Both the lyrics “So, what would you little maniacs like to do first,” and “If you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle. Now stop worrying and go and get dressed,” are direct quotes from LeBrock’s character in Weird Science.

Writing a memoir

Kelly LeBrock has had a pretty interesting life over the years, so it comes as no surprise to learn that she started writing her very own memoir. LeBrock took a 20-year break from Hollywood before deciding to restart her career again recently, including writing a tell-all book. However, after her recent DUI arrest which doesn’t bode well considering her previous history of being under the influence, it looks like Kelly may have to put her book – and her career – on hold once again.

Failing a sobriety test

Just after an interview in which LeBrock says she’s planning a comeback, the actress found herself in a bit of a difficult situation. In December 2013, Kelly LeBrock was arrested after driving dangerous and erratically. She then failed a sobriety test and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). However, Kelly LeBrock admits this isn’t the first time she’s suffered from these issues. Battling sobriety has been a problem Kelly has had since her early 20s and something that keeps coming back to haunt her.

Fleeing to America

Kelly LeBrock thought she would be safer by fleeing to America, after struggling with substance abuse back in England. However, she would quickly learn that the US wasn’t the American Dream that she was hoping for. She said in an interview, “It was full of dangerous people, and I found it frightening and intimidating.” This was also the same time she began taking it “too far,” as she puts it. LeBrock’s weight dropped down to 90 pounds from a healthy 135 pounds, leading to her agent contacting her mother

Partying with mom

After receiving a worried call from Kelly’s agent, her mother decided to fly over to America and see how she was getting on. However, it wasn’t quite the pajama party Kelly was expecting. Instead, she went out partying all night with her mom, dancing until the early hours of the morning. She said her mom had no idea why she was so energetic! Kelly LeBrock could tell, however, that life in America was really getting to her, especially at still such a young age.

Hello, Hollywood!

As her modeling career progressed, Kelly LeBrock became more worried about the affect her friend’s wild lifestyles were having on her. The life she was living, influenced heavily by her model friends, was becoming increasingly dangerous. Kelly knew she had to get out of England and the modeling game. She moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting and ended up moving to California when she was 24-years-old. Little did she know this was to be the beginning of a successful acting career.

A young model

Kelly started modeling young, which may be why it had taken its toll on her by early mid-twenties. She was just 15-years-old when she was scouted for her first modeling contract. She doesn’t retell her story of being discovered with much fondness, however, saying, “It was a familiar tale, but I was at a party, and some dirty old man saw me and thought I was pretty.” Before she knew it, she was being flown to the Seychelles to do a shoot for British Airways.

Don’t hate me…

It wasn’t long before things really took off for Kelly and her modeling career. Her father got her an agent, and the work started pouring in; she quickly became the face of ‘70s fashion. One of most renowned modeling gigs was for Pantene, where she had to utter one of their most famous taglines, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” At first, Kelly LeBrock was too nervous to speak the lines, which nearly cost her the modeling gig. However, she finally plucked up the courage and was seen in ad campaigns around the world.

Model achievements

Her Pantene gig wasn’t the only big modeling milestone for Kelly LeBrock, however. In fact, she graced the covers of many of the biggest magazines in the world, including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Not only that, but she was chosen to be the face of Christian Dior which involved her working just 30 days of the year. Not a bad job to get, for someone so young! However, the life of a model was not something that Kelly LeBrock would enjoy forever. She decided she was going to leave modeling behind and pursue an acting career.

A true Brit

As she has been such a big star in the US, many people believe Kelly LeBrock is America – which irritates her no end. The model and actress considers herself to be a true Brit and gets annoyed when people think otherwise (especially at the customs office). She’s said being English is in her veins! She’s still managed to find all of her home comforts in America, however, once admitting, “I was just in New York, and I went to a place that sells English food and bought myself some English bangers and had a nice sausage sandwich and a cup of tea.”

Third time lucky

Kelly LeBrock hasn’t had the easiest of relationship histories, to say the least. However, despite being twice divorced, the starlet has since married again. While Kelly likes to keep everything under wraps, it’s alleged she is married to Fred Steck, a retired investment banker. It’s thought the pair have been married for ten years, after dating for six years prior to that. Perhaps Kelly LeBrock has learned from past mistakes and is keen to keep everything on the down-low.

Homeopathic remedies

The actress and model has long been a firm believer in homeopathic remedies and medicines, even becoming one of the first U.S. citizens to own a private hyperbaric chamber. Kelly also created her own brand of homeopathic remedies and has worked hard to ensure that all Americans can afford this kind of treatment. She even went so far as testifying to Congress, back in 1995, to the House of Equity on insurance and Medicare so that these alternative treatments and therapies could become more affordable for U.S. citizens.

A complicated lawsuit

Not many people know that Kelly LeBrock once filed a lawsuit against her former business partner, Howard Grossman. She had followed the encouragement of Grossman and his attorneys to plow money into marketing her own natural medicines but was given a poor evaluation on the venture. Not to mention failed bill payments and bounced checks to boot! LeBrock filed for financial damages along with emotional distress, and the lawsuit was settled outside of the courtroom.

Club Carson spokesperson

Kelly had a strong bond with her brother Howard, who she once said she had cared for since he was 15-years-old. However, Howard suffered from cancer and eventually lost his life battling the horrid disease in 2008. Kelly was utterly heartbroken and vowed to help those who were terminally ill. She also became the spokesperson for ‘Club Carson’ in 2011. Club Carson was a charity that worked with young children suffering from cancer – and Kelly LeBrock was the celebrity face of the organization!

Recent work

LeBrock decided that it would be best to take a break from the bright lights of Hollywood so that she could bring up her family. However, she did make a return in the early 2000s, featuring in a handful of Hollywood films over the years. You may have also seen her on popular reality TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Celebrity Fit Club. Kelly LeBrock has said she’d like to get back into the acting world, along with winning an award for her talent.

Creating a fashion line

Being a model, Kelly LeBrock was no stranger to the fashion world. However, growing up, she realized the dream would be to create her own fashion line – instead of just modeling for someone else’s! Working with renowned designer, Antonella Commatteo, LeBrock has been working on a line that would enable women to love themselves more, regardless of their size or age. The clothing line was showcased at New York Fashion Week in 2017, but there’s no release date as of yet.

Following in her footsteps

If you watch Growing Up Supermodel, then there’s a good chance you may have seen Kelly LeBrock’s youngest daughter, Arissa. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Arissa is keen to make herself known in the modeling world. The pair are featured on the reality TV show together, which follows several children of famous parents, hoping to forge a modeling career. However, Kelly once said she never wanted her kids to know she was famous before – she wanted them to think she was just the cook!

Ditching the TV

With Kelly not wanting her children to know she was famous, it only made sense that she decided to ditch her TV! For a total of 21 years, there was no television allowed in Kelly LeBrock’s home. Which would explain how her kids didn’t know she was a big film star in the ‘80s! Instead of watching TV at the end of the day, Kelly would much rather be outside milking her cows or chasing bulls off of her land.

Protecting the kids

LeBrock admits that she was trying to protect the children, by not having a television. Her personal troubles and divorce from Steven Seagal was all over the news, which all became a bit too much for Kelly. She decided to move her children out of L.A., get rid of the TV, and allow her family to live peacefully without being in the public eye. Kelly LeBrock has said that she wanted her children to grow up with “real people.” Which we can totally understand!

Marrying Seagal

Before all of the press attention from the divorce, however, Kelly LeBrock was already keen to give up her life of fame to raise her family. After her divorce from her first husband, she married the famous actor (and co-star) Steven Seagal in 1987. The pair starred in Hard to Kill and ended up having three children together. However, the marriage was to start – and end – in some serious scandals. Little did Kelly LeBrock know what was to become of her romance with the famous actor.

Catching his eye

Unsurprisingly, Kelly LeBrock had plenty of men desperate to woo her, after her appearance in The Woman in Red. However, there was one man in particular who had become smitten – Steven Seagal. The whole affair began in 1987 when LeBrock was in Japan to shoot for American Vogue. Seagal was also in Japan, visiting his wife at the time and their two children. Dick Gutman, Kelly’s publicist, introduced the two but had no clue what a bad idea that was going to be. Seagal saw LeBrock and was quoted as saying she was “his destiny.”

Their first date

Kelly and Steven would often speak on the phone after their first meeting, but she refused to go on a date with him. She didn’t want to be involved with a married man! Eventually, she agreed to go for drinks with Seagal and was instantly head over heels. Kelly once described Steven as “an all-round Renaissance man” and was swept away by the six feet four inches tall actor, who she believed could do anything. Little did she know, he also thought he could do anything he wanted…

Not all that glitters

Kelly LeBrock was the third wife of Steven Seagal, who has a total of seven children over his four marriages now. When the pair first got together, he was still married to his previous wife, and it wasn’t the first time this had happened. Nor would it be the last. While the pair divorced a long time ago, in 1994, it’s only recently that Kelly LeBrock has opened up about what really happened between the couple.

A leopard never changes it’s spots

When Kelly and Steven first met, the actor already had a bit of a reputation. He had left his first wife to marry the Days of Our Lives star, Adrienne Larussa. While with Adrienne he met Kelly and the pair started their affair. When Kelly LeBrock became pregnant with Steven’s child, his second marriage became annulled. Kelly LeBrock was married to Steven Seagal for a whopping 10-years, which came as a shock to many; knowing that the actor found it difficult to stay faithful.

A downward spiral

While they may have started out strong (despite the minor fact that Seagal was already married when they met), things would soon take a dark turn. LeBrock found her life spiraling out of control after the events that happened with her ex-husband, along with the divorce. Kelly had to leave Hollywood and found herself becoming a ‘hermit’ in her own house, rarely going out. She took her three kids away from the spotlight in L.A. and moved them to Santa Barbara to start a new life.

For the kids

According to Kelly, troubles in her and Steven’s relationship started as early on as 1988. That’s just a year after the couple got married! While the marriage may have been toxic and troublesome, Kelly was adamant she was going to stick it out for the sake of their children; Arissa, Annaliza, and Dominic. She had left the world of Hollywood to look after her family, and that’s exactly what she was going to do. The only film role she did take on during that time was Hard to Kill, with Steven Seagal.

Hard to watch

Kelly now admits she calls the 1991 movie ‘Hard to Watch’ or ‘Hard to Believe’ when she watches it back. Perhaps this is because things weren’t exactly so good at home – or perhaps just because she did it as a favor for her then husband. As she had taken a break from acting to bring up her children she also turned down roles in Beetlejuice and Batman, which we have a feeling she’d have enjoyed watching back more than Hard to Kill.

Affair with the nanny

In news that broke the heart of Kelly LeBrock fans everywhere, Steven Seagal was found out to be having an affair with the pair’s nanny – Arissa Wolf. Yep, she has the same name as the couple’s youngest daughter. Ouch. However, this was hardly shocking news to those that knew Steven and his adulterous past. What’s even worse is that Seagal ended up having his sixth child with Arissa, named Savannah. Unsurprisingly, LeBrock filed for divorce after news of the affair broke. At this time she admits she was at her lowest point, lacking any self-esteem, and hating herself.

Telling her story

With recent talk of accusations and rumors around Steven Seagal, it seems like the perfect time for Kelly LeBrock to tell her story. What her life was like with the actor, and whether it bears any similarities to the accusations surrounding Seagal now. LeBrock hadn’t spoken much about the divorce before, deciding to go into hiding instead. All the world knew was that it was “very ugly.” However, with LeBrock hoping to make a Hollywood comeback, it seems like the right time to tell her version of events.

Leaving the glam life behind

When her relationship with Steven Seagal broke down, Kelly LeBrock packed everything up and took her children to Santa Barbara. We already know she wanted to hide away from the press, but we didn’t know she also wanted to shun the glitz and glam of Hollywood too. The once Vogue model decided to live a much simpler life; growing the family’s food, bringing up horses, and even making their own cheese. Kelly LeBrock had gone from supermodel actress to living off the land.

Potential abuse

When LeBrock was quoted as saying, “I am onward. I am forward. I’ve forgiven, and I’ve forgotten. I’m actually helping a lot of people with abuse,” people began to wonder what had actually happened behind closed doors between her and Seagal. Was there some kind of abuse going on, that we didn’t know about? No official statement has ever really been made about what happened during what we know was a toxic marriage. Perhaps this is LeBrock’s way of hinting at what went on.

Inspiring women

Kelly LeBrock has said that along with telling her story, she also wants her book to be able to inspire women. Particularly to not give up when it comes to hardships in their lives, which we think is amazing! When talking about her tell-all memoir, she has said that she also wants to empower women who have been in abusive relationships, saying, “Don’t let that light burn out; they can rekindle it.” Yet again, this definitely hints that what was going on behind closed doors with her previous husband may have involved some form of abuse.

Before and after Seagal

While we’re on tenterhooks to hear about what life was actually like with Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock has said that won’t be what the whole book is about. She will also detail her life before and after she met the actor, including some of her troubles when she was a younger model – along with what it was like being a ‘hermit’ and hiding away after her divorce. We also know that her book is going to be called The Woman in Red… Now isn’t that something!