The Swiss town that’s so beautiful, it actually banned social media

The story of this town in Switzerland that banned photography raises two interesting questions: Why would a place that claims to be so beautiful and picturesque would consciously ban photography, which basically means these days that the pictures will not be shared on social media. After all it’s free publicity and could be great for their tourism. The second issue that arises is whether it legit for a town to decide that it doesn’t want people from the outside to take photos of the place? We guess we can’t really judge unless we pay a visit to this Instagrammable town that everyone is talking about lately.

The few snaps that we got to see of Bergün, Switzerland, kind of throw us back to The Sound of Music with the picturesque landscape and country feel. It seems like everywhere you look you see green, lots and lots of green. And cows. When it comes to owning up its beauty, Bergün does an excellent job. It’s like the pretty girl in the classroom that knows she’s that pretty. The Alpine panoramas, the fairytale landscape, and the easy-going atmosphere is what makes this town so visit-worthy. Now, you’re probably wondering, why in the world would the town’s council decide to ban photography if it’s so beautiful! Well, their reasons are actually pretty neat and prove to be very considerate.

You know that feeling where you sit at your work desk, scrolling down your Facebook homepage or checking out the latest Instagram stories and you run into at least five different pictures of people you know who are on holiday at the moment. The thing you’re thinking is ‘oh how I wish I was there.’ Well, this is exactly what Bergün is trying to avoid, the people of the stunning town don’t want anyone to experience holiday envy. And so, they decided to ban photography, and even more so, share those pictures on social media, so anyone who isn’t physically there, won’t be upset. It’s kind of nice and arrogant at the same time, but it’s still a very cool concept. Some would even say, a brilliant marketing strategy.

If you happen to visit this special town, you will see that the people there installed a sign that warns from posting any snaps of the stunning location to social media. Pretty unbelievable right?  The sign reads: ‘Photographs of our picturesque landscape, shared on social media, can make others unhappy because they themselves cannot be here.’ We think just this sign alone is worth taking a selfie with. The town’s mayor even took it a step further when he made a video explaining the rationale behind this very original decision. In the meantime, if a tourist is that desperate to take a picture, then they can get a special permit to do so.

While we don’t believe everyone has the chance to visit the mountainous town any time soon, here’s a few shots that somehow manage to slip out, we just hope we won’t get you too envious.