Most common packing mistakes – and how to fix them

Hands up who actually likes packing? Nope, didn’t think so. It’s such a tedious job, and the chances of you forgetting at least one item is pretty much a given. The more you organize yourself, the more you want to bring along with you, and there’s never enough room either!

If you’re the type who tends to get a little stressed when packing, then listen up! Here are the most common packing mistakes and what to pack instead!

OUT…Random items
IN…Planned outfits

It’s easy to just chuck stuff into your luggage without having a serious consideration as to whether or not you’re actually going to wear it. It’s always best to plan the outfits you can put together from the clothes that you have. This way you can save some space for the things you don’t end up wearing. Organization is key! Having items that you can mix and match is a real bonus too.

Photo: Unsplash.com

OUT…Fancy footwear
IN…Comfortable trainers

Shoes are the nemesis of packing! They’re heavy, they take up the most room, and you have so many to choose from, you never know what ones to take. Well, our advice is to avoid the shoes that you will only wear on special occasions – this means no heels or formal boots. If you’re going to a hot climate, all you’ll need is a sturdy pair of sandals for both daywear and nightwear. If it really pains you to say goodbye to your favorite pair of boots, wear them out there on the plane!

OUT…Best toiletries
IN…Travel size toiletries

You really shouldn’t be taking full-sized bottles with you traveling. They take up far too much room, and there are so many alternatives nowadays. You can purchase travel-sized toiletries for a reasonable price at most superstores, with a wide variety of mini shampoos, soaps, face creams, the lot! If you can’t bear to leave behind your favorite toiletry that you just can’t live without, then there are also travel-sized bottles that you can fill up with your own personal products too.

IN…General loungewear

Chances are you won’t be wearing any bulky pajamas to bed, so why not double up on loungewear that can work for both casual daywear and PJs. We’re thinking, baggy shorts, vest tops, regular tees, loose-fitting pants, leggings, that kind of thing. If you’re a keen exerciser, these types of clothes can also be used for gym wear too. Win-win!

Photo: Unsplash.com

OUT…Impractical bags
IN…Multipurpose bag

Bags are another thing that takes up a lot of your precious space. Instead of taking along a bag which you’ll only use sometimes – say a clutch for the night time – instead, consider investing in a versatile bag that can be used for many different occasions. Fanny packs are great for keeping your valuables safe, shoulder bags can be worn stylishly day and night, and a tote is handy for carrying your bulkier items on the flight or to the beach. Planning is your best friend!

If you’re going long-term traveling, packing the right stuff in the right luggage can be rather tricky. It’s a good idea for you to get a light-weight trekking rucksack to ensure you can fit everything in, and packing cubes are always a good call so you can quickly and efficiently keep your belongings organized along the way.