The 5 most romantic locations in America for a fall getaway

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For many people, fall is not the most favorite time of the year. The days get colder and the nights get longer. There’s a somewhat sad sense that summer is slipping away as the leaves transform on the trees. But, with the right mindset, fall can be one of the most beautiful times of the year. And, if planned correctly, it can also turn out to be one of the most romantic times of the year. Be inspired by these five most romantic locations in America for a fall getaway and get ready some make new memories with the significant other in your life.

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Middleburg, VA

For lovers of small-town country living, this is the spot to be. The town of Middleburg boasts a host of farms and equestrian smallholdings, as well as vineyards, and a selection of beautiful resorts. Spend some time in the slow lane with a morning of antique shopping in town, or maybe a carriage ride that includes chocolate-covered strawberries is more appealing. There are a variety of exquisite restaurants to choose from and they even have a world-class spa.

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Willamette Valley, OR

The Willamette Valley is 150 miles of pure beauty. While the smaller towns surrounding it undeniably have incredible scenery, they have loads of stuff to do as well. Stunning accommodations, restaurants, and spas are only a taste of what this mesmerizing valley has to offer. Hiking, horse riding, tours, and hot air balloon rides with breathtaking views are all available. This is definitely the right destination for active couples who enjoy the great outdoors.

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Alys Beach, FL

Stretched out across the stunning Florida panhandle is Alys Beach. Renowned for its soft white sands and crisp ocean views, this beach just screams romance and relaxation. The sea offers a host of activities for those who are feeling adventurous, while the gorgeous accommodations that lay close to the beach offer the perfect retreat from the daily elements. Coming to this area in the fall means great mild weather and great savings on pockets as prices for lodgings drop.

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Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Tucked away just thirty miles north of San Diego is the small town of Rancho Santa Fe. Beautiful beaches, manicured gardens, pristine golf courses, and out of this world cuisine are what awaits here. Used as one of the top celebrity holiday spots since the 1930s, Rancho Sante Fe is well known for its peaceful surroundings and attention to visitor’s privacy.

Greensboro, GA

Relax in the sheer natural splendor of Georgia in Greensboro. Enjoy the luxuries of the world-class resorts, including spas and top-quality cuisine while taking in mother nature at her best. Spend time around and on Lake Oconee with the vast array of activities available. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, tennis, and golf are all on the agenda in this glorious wilderness. Wondering what to do here at night? Most of the resorts are home to some great fire pits. Snuggle up outside and enjoy the chilly fall evenings at their finest.

Without a doubt, the number one thing that makes all of these locations so spectacular is that they are closely related to nature. Because quite frankly, there is nothing more relaxing or romantic than being outside with the one we love.

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