The best airports in the world

Everything has to be ranked and compared these days, and why not? We want to know where all the best things are as much as the next person. Everyone’s interested in something different, however, if you travel a lot, then you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of airports. What is it that makes an airport better than the next one? Is it how large it is, or how many stores it has? Well, it seems that the list of the best airports in the world has been compiled. If you’ve been interested in which airports are better than all the others, then this list will reveal all.

Hong Kong International Airport

According to Insider, Hong Kong International Airport is the fifth most popular airport in the world, and for very good reason. It’s recently slipped from being in fourth place, but it still remains a world-class place to catch a flight. Hong Kong airport seems to have it all, from over 80 places to eat within Terminals One and Two alone. They have catered for practically every cuisine they could think of, making sure everyone who passes through has something they fancy eating. There’s the choice of fine dining, evening entertainment, coffee shops, designer shops, Disney stores, and so on. It also offers an IMAX, educational experiences, and so much more.

The best airports in the world

Hamad International Airport

This is a very new airport, having only opened in 2014, but it has been built to be one of the most awesome, entertaining, and efficient. The airport was constructed to be ‘architecturally significant’ on top of all the luxurious amenities that have been provided. This airport is now the home of Qatar Airways, and it sure does make an impression. Hamad International Airport also features pieces of what has been described as ‘groundbreaking’ artwork.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Many people have claimed that what makes this airport unique is how it doesn’t feel like one. The process of checking in and leaving is so efficient and takes no time at all. One thing that seems to be a common denominator is the food. Haneda has been claimed as having some of the best Japanese cuisines on offer without an inflated price tag. The airport has an open-air observation deck where people can watch the airplanes, it also has endless shops and arcade parlors on top of being insanely well connected.

Incheon International Airport

This airport has maintained a spectacular third place on the list. It is exceptionally highly regarded for the facilities they have on offer, including an extensive variety of cuisines ready for people to purchase, on top of some incredibly exhilarating performances. There is so much on offer at this airport that they even have a cultural museum for people to visit in the meantime. On top of that, the flights are efficiently connected as well as having links to rail, bus and other modes of transport.

The best airports in the world

Singapore Changi International Airport

Hailed for the seventh year in a row as the world’s best airport, but why? It might have something to do with the fact it has beautiful, lush public gardens, a waterfall, their butterfly garden, and stunning flowers all around. It also has free cinemas, a swimming pool, and so much more. There isn’t anything that this airport doesn’t cater for. It’s almost a holiday in itself.

Airports can often be tedious, tiring, and downright miserable. But travel to one of these, and you’ll be in for the time of your life.