Best places to spot a celebrity in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of Angels… or, as it’s more commonly known, LA, is the home to many a celebrity. However, with that being said, they aren’t always easy to find! So distracted by the shops, the gorgeous people and the lovely weather, many people end up walking straight past well-known celebrities… either that or the celebrities are so well disguised or guarded that they aren’t seen or accessible. However, we can help you out, because we’ve put together a list of the 5 best places to spot a celeb in LA.

Hollywood and Highland Centre

The Hollywood and Highland Centre is the largest shopping mall in LA, jam packed with a whole range of designer stores selling goods that you could only imagine buying in your wildest dreams. The shopping mall is a hugely popular tourist attractions but is also extremely popular with some of the younger celebrities in LA too! Some of the celebs you can expect to run into here include the baby King of Pop, Justin Bieber (screams internally), Brody Jenner and some other ex-Disney stars. If you’re fortunate, you might even see one of the Jenner girls here…

Red O Restaurant

The Red O Restaurant is often frequented by the likes of Tyra Banks, Taylor Lautner, and Jessica Simpson. The restaurant’s tables are always in high demand due to their incredible steak – the food has an excellent reputation and celebs from A listers right down to Z listers flock from all over to come and eat here.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

It goes without saying that you could expect to see some talent walking along Hollywood Boulevard to check out some of the stars – including their own – on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are around two stars added to the walk every month, so if you don’t see a celebrity just perusing the tourist attraction, then try and arrange to visit when a new star is being added – because you’ll definitely see a celebrity then.


Warwick is a favorite lounge-cum-club that is popular with the celebrities who enjoy a bit of a wild night out – including the likes of Zayn Malik from One Direction and ex-Kardashian man, Scott Disick. The joint is known for throwing some of the best bar events in LA, and nearly all of these are attended by large quantities of celebs. However, as you could probably guess, nights out here won’t be cheap! Drinks start at about $17, so be prepared to splash some cash on a trip here.

ArcLight Cinema

If you want to bump into Jennifer Aniston, AJ McLean and Cameron Diaz then take a trip to one of the most luxurious cinemas in America – if not the world! The cinema has a bar where you can purchase wine for your movie, as well as an extensive range of delicious snacks that are far more exciting than popcorn! There’s also a no cell phone policy, a strict no talking policy and also a no late seating policy too, so people can enjoy their films with absolutely no distractions.