The best places to travel in September

Summer may be officially over and school may be back but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a little getaway. It’s still warm enough in some places that it feels like summer so you can take advantage of that and enjoy some time away. Here’s a list of local and international destinations you could choose from.

Hvar – Croatia

This place is swarming with vacation-goers in the summertime but they say that the best time to visit Croatia is in September. The weather is not too hot and it’s still very sunny and pleasant. You can relax at one of their beaches, explore its villages, and learn more about the culture. You can even do a tour of one of the beautiful vineyards.

The best places to travel in September

Barcelona – Spain

Another popular summer destination because of its beautiful weather. The sea is still warm in September and now that the beaches aren’t as crowded, you can really take in your surroundings. Another great reason to visit Barcelona in the fall is that they have their biggest, most popular parties.

Honolulu – Hawaii

The end of summer is celebrated in Honolulu with a huge party called the Aloha Festival. Here you can immerse yourself in the culture as they showcase their unique traditions. Visitors from all over the world make their way to Honolulu to experience this spectacular event. Take your taste buds on a culinary excursion as you try out their local foods such as saimin, poke, and shave ice.

Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Even though September is said to be their coolest and driest month, but temperatures still reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an ideal time to visit. It’s warm enough to be on the beach and enjoy the warm seas. If you like adventure, go snorkeling and you’ll see sights such as turtles feeding on algae and sea lions playfully chasing each other. If you’re lucky you’ll also spot a humpback whale.

Greenville – South Carolina

The weather in September is warm and less humid, so it’s a great time to visit Greenville. It is set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains so it has a beautiful landscape. Visit the Indie Craft Parade where local artisans’ goods are showcased, or visit the area’s biggest food festival, called Euphoria and have a fun day and night out.

The best places to travel in September

Shanghai – China

It might need a little more than a weekend to visit China but it would be well worth it. September is said to be one of the best months to travel to China. It’s still hot but not as humid as during the summer months, which makes it more pleasant. Experience the exciting atmosphere, admire the architecture, and indulge in some traditional soup dumplings.

Cincinnati – Ohio

For some reason, Cincinnati flies under the radar with local travelers, but in 2017, it was named one of Travel and Leisure’s Best Places to Travel to. Their German heritage brings Oktoberfest to the city in September. The celebrations are vibrant and lively, it even feels like you’re in Munich. Make your way to the Carew Tower to admire the views of the city from the Observation Deck.

The places that were too crowded and expensive in summer are now more affordable and quieter, which means they’re the best places to travel to in September. Visit any one of these places and you’re bound to have an unforgettable trip. Bon voyage!