Best places to visit in the midwest

Made up of 12 states in the northern central part of the U.S., the midwest is an ideal place to get a feel for all that America has to offer. Each state is so totally different that you could spend months in the midwest and still not see everything there is to see. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to visit in the midwest.

Traverse City, Michigan

It may not be the best known or largest city in the state of Michigan, but that adds to its charm somewhat. The city itself has a cozy feel to it, which makes you feel as though you’re home even if you’re a million miles away from home! You should definitely rent a car and drive the Old Mission Peninsula, which has some of the best lake views in the world. Not to mention plenty of wineries, which are perfect as long as you’re not the one driving. Visitors to Traverse City can’t leave without checking out the Sleeping Bear dunes, too. You could easily spend a day at the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, soaking it all in.

Best places to visit in the midwest

Rapid City, South Dakota

You cannot visit the midwest and not make your way to Rapid City! While it may be quite small, it is a city packed full of really cool things to see and do. The craft beverage scene is massive here, as is the art scene. If you want a hipster experience of the midwest, you’d be best off coming here. Of course, there is one obvious reason to head to Rapid City, and that is its proximity to Mount Rushmore. Sure, it may be quite a tourist hotspot, but you can’t not see it while you’re here.

Chicago, Illinois

It may be one of the most famous cities in the midwest, and the largest, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it for lesser known destinations. Chicago is one of the best cities, not just in the midwest, but in the whole of the U.S. Head up one of the two ideally placed observation decks – Skydeck or 360 Chicago – to see all that this stunning city has to offer. Visit one of the many, many museums which will keep you in the warm when it’s windy. Alternatively, hop on a boat tour to see some of the stunning buildings that Chicago is so famous for. After all, the concept of the skyscraper was born here!

Best places to visit in the midwest

Cleveland, Ohio

A lot has changed in Cleveland over the years, meaning more and more tourists are heading there every year. This is the home to the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has a history that dates back to the late 1700s. Whether you’re a fan of music, art, culture, history, or food and drink, there’s no denying that Cleveland in Ohio has something to offer you. You’ll want to keep going back, trust us.

These are four of the best places to visit in the midwest, although there are plenty more. Now, which one will you head to first?