Best places in the world for seeing amazing wildlife

The world is a magical place filled with amazing sights and creatures. Some of us are lucky enough to have nature on our doorstep but others are not, and the only jungle they see is of the concrete variety. There are places all over the world that are amazing to visit wildlife and here are some of the best of them.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

There is a hugely diverse array of animals on this tropical island and few humans ever come into contact with them. In fact, it is largely only visited by biologists who study these animals, everyone else more or less has to stay away.

There are some amazing animals to be found there including exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles. It is possible to visit the islands, but people who are not natives are unable to buy a one-way ticket to these amazing islands.

Best places in the world for seeing amazing wildlife


Every year there are more and more species of animals being added to the list of inhabitants and the last count was well over 400. The island is the third largest in the world and is home to the Sumatran rhinoceros, Asian elephant, and a dwindling number of orangutan. Bird lovers can come here to take in the hundreds of different varieties, but there’s more.

There is a mountain to climb to get a bird’s eye view of the island, and if you take to the waters, you can enjoy watching the marine life flourish below the surface. You can even watch the sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches if you time it right.

The Pantanal, Brazil

The Amazon rainforest gets plenty of plaudits for being one of the best places to see wildlife in the world, but there is somewhere in Brazil that’s arguably better. The Pantanal gives wildlife lovers the chance to see some of the regions most celebrated animals up close.

Tours come in the form of river cruises, which means you can wade through this wetland by boat, taking in the wonderful jaguars, giant otters, tapirs, and anteaters in safety. There’s no need to fight through a dangerous jungle, and you get to see an abundance of wildlife, it’s a win-win.

Best places in the world for seeing amazing wildlife

Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

Tigers are the biggest of all cats and also arguably the most striking thanks to their distinctive pattern. Being able to see a tiger in the wild is an experience that few people in the world have had. They are so elusive, but there’s more to this tiger reserve than stripey cats.

It is the home of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, and you’ll find all of your favorite animals from the tale here. There are sloth bears, leopards, Indian wolves, Bengal tigers, and even jackals. While it’s never guaranteed when it comes to wildlife, your best chances of seeing tigers is between March and May because the forest dries out and tigers stay near water.

There are many places all over the world to see wildlife, even in your backyard. To see some of the world’s most exotic animals check out these places and we reckon you won’t regret it.