The most bicycle-friendly cities in the world

Cycling is more popular than ever, and people love to bike around the world’s greatest cities. Unfortunately not every city is ready for the masses cycling through them, but some cities thought of two-wheeled transport before it became the craze it is now. These cities are the most bicycle-friendly in the world.

Montreal, Canada

As Montreal seems to grow, so does their cycle lanes. This Canadian city is home to over 300 miles of cycle lanes, allowing residents and tourists safe passage around the metropolis. The lanes kindly have plenty of pit stops for those wanting to explore the entire city, and cyclists are not short of places to eat or drink along the way. There is a yearly cycling festival held in the city, welcoming cyclists of all ages to celebrate Canada’s love of bikes.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Any bike lover just has to take a trip to the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. The roads are pretty much all built with cycling in mind, with lanes devoted to bicycles. Around half of people living in Copenhagen travel by bike, and the roads are built with safety in mind. It can be overwhelming for tourists to see just how many cyclists there are, with lanes of traffic sometimes longer in the cycle lane than the regular roads.

Portland, USA

For many, Portland is the hipster capital of the world, and one thing hipsters love more than most are their bicycles. Improvements have been made to the local infrastructure to create safer passageways for those traveling by bike. The routes around the city are improving, and the ability to rent bikes has gotten better over the years too. Tourists can come to Portland and pick up a bicycle with relative ease. If you’re bringing your own bike to the city, you will find a host of storage lockers and suggested routes to take.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is famed for its bicycle-friendly landscape. It’s one of the flattest cities in the world which makes cycling easier than most. Many who travel to Amsterdam like to enjoy it as the locals do, by bike. There are estimated to be around 880,000 bicycles in the Dutch capital city, meaning there are more bikes than there are people! Tourists are encouraged to cycle around this great city, and there are plenty of guided cycling tours as well as rental places.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cycle paths were first being built in the Brazilian city back in 1992 as they prepared for cycling’s popularity to rise. Cycling is a common way to get around this bustling city, and there are over 60 bike stations where residents share over 600 bicycles between them. The Copacabana beach has a cycle route alongside it which gives riders the perfect ride alongside the ocean.

These cities are a must for any bicycle lover to get out and let the wind flow through their hair. With purpose built cycle lanes, and biking communities celebrating their love of everything two-wheeled, these places are the most bicycle-friendly in the world.