Breathtaking zoos around the world

There are zoos in nearly every city in the world – but most of them are the same old thing, one after another. We want excitement, we want exotic animals, we want cool architecture, and we want the best experience. Unfortunately, some of the typical city zoos just don’t cut it for us (because obviously, we only want the best, am I right?) Check out the 5 most breathtaking zoos around the world that you’ll want to visit ASAP.

Singapore Zoo

Many people are often put off by zoos because they want to see the animals free, without cages, and able to roam about where and when they want to. Luckily, the Singapore Zoo gets that. This wildlife park is spread across 64-acres and full of over 2,800 animals from a whopping 300 species! However, they don’t cage any of them. All of the animals in the Singapore exhibits are open-air; separated from the visitors by moats, underwater galleries, elevated edges, platforms and glass observatories. Not only is this more humane and comfortable for the animals, but it also enhances visitors’ viewing experience. So yes, you can get up close and personal with a baboon’s bottom if you wish.

The Berlin Zoo

If you’re looking for a zoo with a bit more class and elegance, then the Berlin Zoo is for you. As the oldest zoo still standing in Germany (it was opened in 1844! What?!) it houses over 9,500 animals and boasts the largest aquarium in the whole world – including an elevated Hippopotamus House which allows you to see the hippos swimming above you as you walk through a tunnel. Alongside the incredible wildlife, the Berlin Zoo also offers some of the most attractive architecture of any other zoo in the world. Trust us.

The London Zoo

If you can believe it, the London Zoo is even older than the Berlin Zoo – and was opened in 1826! The zoo first opened as an animal research facility and has since developed a huge following as one of the best zoos in the world. The London Zoo is also famous for its incredible Victorian architecture which adorns the buildings and covers the animals up from the elements. This zoo houses thousands of animals, including gorillas, Komodo Dragons, tigers, penguins and Galapagos Tortoises. Another claim to fame for London Zoo is that it was also one of the locations where Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was filmed.

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is unlike any other zoo you have or will ever visit. This zoo covers an incredible 216 acres worth of land and is one giant playground for the animals – rather than a zoo. Because of its size, this zoo offers a cable car, golf carts and 6km worth of trails to get you from exhibit to exhibit. And you’re going to want to see all of it, considering it houses over 9,000 animals from over 700 different animal species. Where else are you going to be able to walk alongside the elephants?

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

How would you like to visit a zoo with incredible views of Sydney Opera House and overlooking the Sydney Harbor? No, this isn’t a dream. You can get all this at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. On the one side, you have the bustling city of Sydney, and on the other side, you have the beginning of the outback. And slap bang in the middle, you have the zoo. Offering some of the most famous Australian animals, including Tasmanian Devils, Australian sea lions, koalas and over 300 other species, you won’t run out of things to look at – both inside and outside the zoo.