Castles that you can buy

When you’re considering property for your next home, you’re probably thinking of an apartment, or possibly a house. What we’re sure you wouldn’t be thinking about is buying a castle. But, it might interest you to know that there are several castles that you can actually buy! Imagine the morning after your first night there, and waking up in an actual castle. Gazing over the vast grounds, and feeling like one of the princes or princesses of old.

Even contemplating the notion of buying a castle might seem a little gimmicky, but, there is certainly an audience for it. Let’s be honest, if we had the money, we’d definitely be having a look! Let’s take a look at some of the best castles available to buy. Sure, they might be out of our price range, but they’re castles for goodness sake! So, without further ado, and trying not to hum the Game of Thrones theme out loud, let’s look at four of the most incredible castle money can buy!

Duchray Castle, Aberfoyle, Scotland

Scotland was recently voted the most beautiful country in the world, so what better place to buy a castle than in the heart of the Scottish countryside. This 16th Century castle is one of the most stunning and opulent we’ve seen and is the perfect place to live out your medieval fantasies. But, the $2 million is probably a little out of your price range, so, why not stay here for a few nights (it’s run as a B&B)!

Cloghan Castle, County Offaly, Ireland

Get a load of this 14th Century wonder; it’s handsome, jaw-dropping, and epic. In fact, this castle used to be open to the public and would offer guided tours of the castle and its grounds. This was the case up until 2000 when it became private property. These days, if you want to see it, you can, but you have to buy it these days! For a price of just over $1 million, this is actually not much more expensive than a lot of Upper East Side apartments. So, those who have a higher budget could actually seriously consider this as a viable option.

Fogelvik Castle, Valdemarsvik, Sweden

Sweden is a country full of beauty, mystery, and some wonderful history; it’s also one of the best places in the world to live. If you’re looking to move to Sweden, how about considering this stupendous 18th Century castle, located on its very own peninsula. This is a castle fit for a king, quite literally. In the 1400s, Fogelvik Castle used to be the home of King Charles VIII of Sweden, now how’s that for some epic historical links?!

Howsham Hall, York, England

Anyone who is a fan of Downton Abbey will have their eyes drawn to this magnificent Jacobean castle. It’s the closest thing to Downton that money can possibly buy, and that’s assuming you have a spare $5.5 million laying around! The castle is regal, opulent, and aesthetically beautiful – a triumph of architectural brilliance. If we were going to buy a castle, we like to think this is the sort of castle we would go for. Of course, we’d need to win several lotteries first!