Celebrities that own their own private islands

Owning your own private island, that’s the dream. Standing on the sandy shore, and listening to the ocean waves lap at the banks as the soft wind breathes through the grass and trees, and the sun beats down. Having your own tropical paradise to retreat to when the stresses of everyday life threaten to get the best of you, is something we all wish we could enjoy.

And that’s why we get mad island envy when we see some of the wonderful islands our fave celebs own. If you can become a multi-platinum selling rock star, or an Academy Award-winning box office superstar, you’ll probably be able to afford your own island. But, for now, you’re just going to have to marvel in awe, and envy, at the host of celebrities who own their very own islands.

Nic Cage

Love him or loathe him, Nic Cage has done pretty well for himself. The Oscar-winning actor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he has certainly carved out a niche – and we defy you not to fall in love with his private island! Cage splashed the cash on his $3 million island, Leaf Cay, in the Bahamas in 2006. This 40-acre paradise is a home away from home, and we’d love an invite from Nic sometime, just got to get his email from somewhere…

Celebrities that own their own private islands

Johnny Depp

We reckon Depp and Cage are probably pretty pally, especially considering the two both own their own islands in the Bahamas. Depp bought Little Hall’s Pond Cay, a 45-acre tropical beauty, in 2004 for a cool $3.6 million. The Hollywood star likes to unwind on the island, and probably uses it to practice his Captain Jack Sparrow routine. We think him and Nic probably have get-togethers and island parties on a semi-regular basis. Color us jealous!

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur and founder of Virgin, Richard Branson owns a staggering 74-acre paradise in the British Virgin Islands, called Necker Island. Branson bought the island in around 1979 and has spent time expanding and renovating to turn it into the jaw-dropping utopia it is today. The island has suffered some destruction at the hands of hurricanes over the years, but Branson has managed to rebuild and renovate. We’d love to spend a weekend here enjoying a cabernet with Richard!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar winner Leo starred in Danny Boyle’s The Beach in 2000, and five years later he had his own beach as part of his very own private island. Buying Blackadore Cay off the coast of Belize cost DiCaprio $1.75 million, and it is located near the stunning Barrier Reef. An outspoken activist for climate change, DiCaprio has overseen the construction of a luxury eco-conscious resort. He will open the island to guests in 2018; we’d love to go, but we imagine it will be crazy expensive!

Celebrities that own their own private islands

Are you as jealous as we are?! Don’t these awesome celebrity islands make you want to enroll in the next acting class, or try to write a hit single?! These are some of the most stunning celebrity-owned private islands out there. If we could aspire to own any island, it would probably be one of these (Branson’s would win). This definitely makes us readjust our life goals to include a tropical paradise!