Cheaper and less touristy options to jet off to

There appears to be a trend when it comes to travel destinations, with people following the typically trodden paths without deviating from what’s safe and known. However, many travelers want to discover a country’s culture by immersing themselves and finding true authenticity as opposed to traveling the tourist track. Of course, there is no right or wrong way, and many have their preferences, for example, it’s likely safer sticking to prearranged excursions, so it’s each traveler to their own. So, where are the cheaper, less tourist-oriented areas that would be amazing to see?


Many travelers have hailed Albania, expressing that so many people miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country merely because they never thought of it. Places in Alania include Theth National park, Himara beach, and Berat. It has also been revered for its incredible affordability. The national park is home to some fantastic animals including the golden eagle and European wildcat. Overall, it has beautiful weather, stunning landscapes and mesmerizing architecture. It’s definitely one for the ‘to do’ list.

Photo: Unsplash.com


Like most far-eastern countries, Laos is steeped in an equally impressive and dark history. When people visit far-eastern countries, Laos is not generally first, or even second on their list, which is great because it has retained so much authenticity, rather than creating tourist attractions. Laos has beautifully lush landscapes, and they also have stunning caves as well as an impressive national park. Due to these places being quiet in terms of regular tourists, it means there aren’t massive premiums on these experiences. This is a great place to discover the far-eastern culture, but you should always research the differences first, so nothing takes you too off guard.

Belize, Mexico

As with many countries, it’s where you go. Mexico has glorious weather and amazing things to discover. The hotels on the coast have low prices along with more affordable food and drink. There is always the option to spend a little money, but instead of falling prey to the money-spinners, go find the extraordinary caves, or look for the ancient Mayan ruins. There is so much to be found on a budget; all you need is the willingness to discover!


While most Americans want to jet off to London, that can cost a fortune. Wales is renowned in Britain for their phenomenal rolling hills and mountains, their strange language and the vast quantities of sheep! Prices are amazing in Wales, particularly on the coastal towns, if you stay in Llandudno, then you’re a short drive from beautiful waterfalls and the incredible Snowdon trek. If you’re really desperate to say you’ve been to England, then all you need to do is cross their famous bridge which is only a couple of hours away, and voila, you’ve done two in one. That will cost a bit more in travel, but the choice is yours.

Photo: Unsplash.com

There are some breathtaking sights that you would never have dreamed of, and sometimes they’re not the most traveled places, which is incredible because it means going there will be that bit cheaper you can beat everyone to it! Of course, don’t tell your friends because they might catch on!