Cities with the best live music pubs

We all go on vacation to do different things. Some like to hike. Others like to rest and put their feet up on the sun lounger. Some are big-time adventurers, and others are historical buffs. However, one thing we share in common is that we all want to have a good time. And what’s the universal way for us all to have a good time? What’s the best way for us all to unwind? Listen to the music of course.

Across the world, there are cities known for their exceptional live music. Whatever the genre, whatever the sound, these cities host an exciting array of live music nights at some of the world’s most renowned venues with the world’s most prestigious musical acts.

Take a look at some of these cities considered to have the best live pubs and bars. Do any of them get your feet tapping?

Photo: Unsplash.com

Dublin, Ireland

Most likely to hear: Folk, singer-songwriter, instrumentals.

It’s the quaint local pubs that make Dublin a must-go-to for live music. There’s a real sense of community across the night-life in Dublin, and the sense of harmonising fun is electric. You’ll soon be up singing, swinging and swaying yourself — the perfect place for unwinding to beautiful acoustics with a drink in hand.

Berlin, Germany

Most likely to hear: Electronic, punk, dance

Berlin is a city where it seems anything goes. It’s a real cultural hub where culture and music are never afraid to push boundaries. Berlin nightlife is one of a kind, and you’ll find pubs, bars, and clubs playing a whole host of underground dance and rock music. The city is perfect if you’re looking for thumping club bass and dark electronic beats.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Most likely to hear: Blues, soul, jazz, funk

Often considered the live music capital of the world, New Orleans is the renowned birthplace of jazz. The music scene is not just alive at night, it’s heard all day long, from street-musicians, to live pub nights, to astounding jazz event nights. New Orleans live music is part of the city’s spirit, and it oozes class.

Photo: Unsplash.com

London, England

Most likely to hear: Hip-hop, punk, jazz, alternative

London’s music scene is thriving. Venues from traditional pubs, swanky bars, to large arena clubs all seem to value younger underground artist across a wide range of genres. The musical hotspots are dispersed around the city, with local hubs including Camden, Soho, Shoreditch, and Brixton that all flourish with eclectic sounds.

Paris, France

Most likely to hear: Classical composers, jazz, indie-rock

Paris is known for drawing in crowds of young creatives with a passion for making it big in the international music scene. This means the city is alive with a whole host of musical sounds including upcoming DJs, hip-hop artists and more traditional musical styles like jazz and blues. Paris has a real avant-garde party feel.

If live music is what you’re looking for out of your next vacation, consider these cities as the place to go. You’ll hear an assortment of genres, whatever the sound or whatever the mood. They won’t disappoint, and they are sure to entertainment you from sunrise to sunset.