Cities in the U.S. with fascinating history

Although America as we know it isn’t as old as the other side of the pond, there are still some cities in the U.S which are steeped in history.

Our country is relatively young compared to other Nations around the globe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any cultural significance for you to learn about across the country.

Whether it’s artifacts in a museum, famous landmarks and monuments, or amazing Colonial architecture, there are plenty of different cities for you to explore. Here are some of the best places to visit if you fancy yourself as a bit of a history buff.

Cities in the U.S. with fascinating history

Boston, MA

Back in the 1600s at the age of the New World, Boston was once named the “city on a hill,” referencing how it was one of the first cities in the USA to really come about. The name meant it was the ideal city model for surrounding cities to observe and emulate.

Places to visit: Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Boston Harbour, Boston Common

Santa Fe, NM

As one of the oldest cities in the US, Santa Fe is steeped in lots of different history from different time periods too. It was first settled by the Spanish, and when you visit, you will be able to notice this by the city’s aesthetic appearance. The Pueblo architecture is notably European, and there are some informative monuments scattered around the city too.

Places to visit: San Miguel Mission Church, Palace of Governors, Ohkay Owingeh

Charleston, SC

This city is often considered America’s most beautiful place to visit, with some incredible colonial architecture to wonder at. There’s a whole variety of different places of interest, including former sites of market imports and Fort Sumter, which is where the first gun shots were fired in the Civil War.

Places to visit: Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum, Magnolia Plantation, Angel Oak

Williamsburg, VA

Founded in 1699, Williamsburg first started to be built from the failure of Jamestown just seven miles away because settlers wanted to build their town on a higher ground to fend off any attacks. There’s plenty of different attractions and museums across the city to teach you about its rich colonial history.

Places to visit: Governor’s Palace, Great Hopes Plantation, Jamestown Settlement Visitor Center

Williamsburg, VA

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans was founded in the early 1700s by the French, later being acquired by the Spanish. Then finally, the US bought the city in 1803 through the Louisiana Purchase. Across the city you’ll find some incredible museums and other historical landmarks to teach you all about its history that spanned centuries.

Places to visit: Garden District, Jackson Square, Chalmette Battlefield

Washington, D.C

If you really want to find the facts about America’s history, then our capital city Washington is, of course, the place to go. The city is full to the brim with important political buildings dating back centuries where you can explore how America came to be what it is today.

Places to visit: National Mall, The U.S Capitol, Library of Congress

If history was never really your favorite class at school, then we suggest taking yourself on a little tour around our great country to learn about our fascinating history. On the other hand, if you’re a history enthusiast, then indulge yourself till your heart’s content at some of these incredible historical cities.

Want to brush up on your history as you travel across America? These are the cities you’ll want to visit!