Destinations for first time skiers

Picking up a new sport can be a challenging experience but fun nonetheless. Whether you’re going to keep up with the sport after your initial trials largely depends on the type of experience or instruction you get at this time. That’s why it’s important to choose a learning place where all your sporting needs will be catered for and you’ll be in the hands of great and experienced instructors.

This should be the case with skiing. As a first time skier, the area you decide to give the sport your first try should be beginner friendly. If not, you’ll probably end up frustrated and give up the sport early. Good beginner skiing areas should be able to first of all have gentle slopes that are not too challenging. This is where starters will easily pick up basics before they take up more advanced runs. Instructors to offer lessons and skiing courses should also be part of the package, along with hire services for ski equipment. Here are some of the skiing destinations that are ideal for first time skiers.

1. Champoluc, Italy

There are many factors that make this one of the best areas for skiing beginners. At Ski 2, there’s provision of tuition which is vital to any beginner. There’s also equipment hire, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive skiing equipment that you may never use again if you decide that skiing isn’t your kind of thing. To make it even more accommodating to first timers, there’s a school on the establishment that’s purposely for guests. Alongside expert instructors, the schools also provide equipment to learners. Bring in the countless hotels available in this area and the perfect skiing holiday is complete.

Destinations for first time skiers

2. Soldeu, Andorra

Nobody wants to break the bank for something that might turn out to be a temporary endeavour, and that’s exactly why Soldeu is such an ideal destination for first time skiers who haven’t yet found their footing in the sport. There are extremely good prices which undoubtedly make the sport worth trying. What makes this place even more cost friendly is the fact that it’s duty free. With 2 nursery slopes spanning a wide area which are gentle, getting started becomes easier. There’s also English-speaking ski instructors so language barrier is not an issue and everybody is well accommodated.

3. Méribel, France

The beginner experience is made easier at Méribel with gentle nursery slopes and tuition programmes that get any willing skier started off on the right foot. There’s even a group course for beginners. With three zones dedicated sorely to first timers, this is a great place to learn the basics without jostling with pros. Good news for the pocket too, access to these zones is absolutely free. These can be found in the Mottaret, Platieres and Chatelet areas.

4. Les Arcs, France

At Les Arcs, each of the main villages at the resort have nursery slopes just above them. Along with this accessibility, there’s a free beginner’s lift. One of the areas hosts an award winning ski school, meaning that beginners are in the right hands here. As first times gain more experience they get to progress to more advanced slopes.

Destinations for first time skiers

5. Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there’s going to be the added advantage of marvelous sights alongside skiing. Beginners here get lessons, lift passes and cheap accommodation. There’s a gentle area to teach basics to starters, after which they get to explore exciting forest routes and open runs.