Destinations that you should visit as soon as possible

When it comes to choosing your next travel destination, how do you do it? Do you consider the weather? Activities you might like to do? Where can you get a good offer on flights? How about the places that might not be there forever? It might sound dramatic, but there are a few places on the planet that are set to disappear in one way or another, so if you want to visit them, you’d better go soon!


One of the most romantic places in the world, Venice is idolized as a beautiful travel destination, and many people are desperate to enjoy an iconic gondola ride on the canals of this stunning city. However, the very thing that makes Venice such a desirable destination is the very thing that is set to destroy it – in fact, in the near future, this floating island will find itself entirely covered by the canals, and the romantic area will be nothing but water. If you’re planning a proposal, a honeymoon or just a getaway to Venice, you need to book it soon!

Photo: Unsplash.com

The Great Barrier Reef

Diving and exploring the Great Barrier Reef is on a lot of bucket lists and for good reason – it’s a beautiful underwater world, full of colorful coral and unusual wildlife that has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately, experts believe that there is only a decade left to enjoy this stunning part of the world, due to pollution and the rise in sea temperatures. The reef is dying at an alarming rate, and we don’t yet know what impact that will have overall, but at the very least it’s an incredibly sad loss to the world.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most popular archeological structures in the world, and some say that it is even visible for space; however, it seems that that might not be the case forever. Walking the Great Wall is something that pops up on a lot of bucket lists, and as such, the area is always full of tourists who want to do just that, however, so many people walking across it daily is really taking the toll.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Machu Picchu

This historic mountain in Peru features ancient Incan ruins which can be explored. It takes around 4-5 days to walk the Inca Trail, and it is a tough walk, especially up the steep granite staircase known as the ‘Hike of Death.’ However, despite work undertaken to try to protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site, it still sees a worrying influx of tourists every day, which is threatening to collapse the ancient ruins.

It’s so sad to think that there will be a time, in the not so distant future, when these beautiful destinations are no more. Perhaps our grandchildren will get to see them, perhaps our great-grandchildren, but in generations to come they won’t be so lucky. We owe it to the world to do what we can to help protect these spaces and to experience them while we can.