In Dubai, Flying With the Falcons

When you hear the name Dubai, you no doubt think about an urban backdrop peppered by skyscrapers and grand, shimmering buildings. But, behind the curtain, there is more to the UAE megalopolis than simply ostentatiousness. Don’t forget that Dubai is a city on the Persian Gulf, and, as such, a place of stunning natural beauty and magnificence, it’s just a case of unlocking this.

One of the first things we recommend you do when you’re in Dubai is to check out Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This 87-square mile desert paradise is one of the most important areas of Dubai, and a million miles away from the frenetic inner city life. This former camel farm is a fenced wilderness owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. The best thing about this place? You can fly with Falcons! But first, let’s find out what we can about the place and what a journey here is like.

Desert beauty

Gazing out across the wilds of the desert is a stunning experience. Behind you the glass and metal buildings loom in the distance, silhouetted against the bright blue sky. High above, the blistering sun turns the sky pink and casts light across the sprawling desert. Animals rush across the open plains, and the sandy dunes ripple in the desert breeze. This is truly a serene place, somewhere you could lose yourself in the beauty of nature. High above, a hot air balloon floats across the dusty sky, destination unknown – this is your vessel.

The ride

Fast forward a few hours, and you’re packed into your wicker ship, propelled by fire and physics. Gliding high above the wasteland, with the city skyline glinting against the desert Sun. Everything looks so much more breathtaking up here, and the golden sky is the perfect canvas for the experience you’re about to have. As the balloon drifts higher above the stunning Persian landscape, you cock your head to look at the stunning bird of prey, balanced obediently on its trainer’s arm. In a minute you’re going to be having one of the unique life experiences, you’re going to be flying with falcons.

Flying with Falcons

One of the most enjoyable tourist experiences in Dubai is being able to fly with these majestic birds. It’s an hour-long experience, giving a wonderful insight into the flying and hunting habits of these amazing creatures at high altitudes. This is one of those unique experiences you might never get to have again, so it’s worth paying a little extra for the privilege. Since early 2016 this has been a popular excursion for tourists visiting Dubai, and it’s high time you got involved as well.

Unique experience

Join other passengers from all across the world, and make the most of this stunning experience while you can. These Falcons can soar to 8,000 feet, and will plunge after their prey at up to 150 mph! Watching these birds in their natural habitat is a pretty striking experience, and you realize how impressive they are. This is the ideal Dubai experience because it combines unique views and an intimate natural experience.

There are probably a lot of things you have earmarked to do when you visit Dubai. But, we urge you to set aside some great time and money to have a go at doing this. It’s one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have, and something you need to experience as soon as possible.