Five reasons to visit Costa Rica this year

There are some countries on earth that can be considered an underdog of vacationing, and Costa Rica is one of them. Although its tourism industry is slowly advancing, the Central American country is still a mostly undiscovered beauty, booming with wonder and joy from coast to coast.

Costa Rica is an absolute gem, offering its visitors everything they could want from a trip away, from its tropical paradise setting to its wonderfully welcoming people. If you’re thinking of booking your next flight away somewhere, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider booking it to Costa Rica.

Photo: Unsplash.com

It’ll leave you smiling

Happy Planet Index recently revealed that Costa Rica is the most satisfying country to live in the world. HPI’s statistical analysis measures a range of factors including human well-being, inequality, and your ecological footprint, so expect to see a lot of happy faces when you touch down. Smiling is infectious too! Perhaps the country is considered so happy because it’s famously known to be a peace-loving Nation, forbidding the creation of an army since 1949.

Wake up to the world’s best coffee

There’s no better feeling than waking up to a window looking out at paradise. Add the world’s best coffee to this, and you’ve got yourself a morning which dreams are made of. Costa Rica is known to be one of the best coffee producers in the world, creating only the finest tasting beans. And if you’re really that much of a coffee lover, then there’s also plenty of tours available at some of their renowned coffee plantations.

Be at one with nature

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you twice how beautiful Costa Rica’s scenery is. But look closer, and you’ll see a whole other world of extraordinary wildlife. Despite the fact that the country only takes up 0.03% of the planet, over five percent of the world’s biodiversity lives here. There are remarkable nature reserves and protected sites for you to visit. You’ll see sloths, hummingbirds, monkeys, sea turtles, and so much more. Visit at the right time and you can even watch the turtle hatchlings make their way into the Pacific ocean.

Get your adrenaline pumping

If you’re not so much of the sunlounger type, then Costa Rica has plenty of activities to get your heart beating too. Amongst the stunning backdrop of mountains, canyons, waterfalls and rock pools, you can take part in lots of different leisure excursions, like going white-water rafting at Turrialba or surfing on the Nicoya peninsula. There’s also the infamous Sky Trek zip line which hurtles you across the mountains, 100 meters high above the magical forests of Monteverde.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Meet some cool people

Costa Ricans are known to be gentle, educated, and warm-spirited people, and tourists are welcomed with open arms. The country values togetherness and politeness, and you’ll be invited in to explore some of their wonderful cultural traditions. Instead of a hello, you’ll likely get a “pura vida”, which translates to English as “pure life.” A community’s celebration of music and food usually plays out as a street public gathering which is an absolute delight to be part of.

We have named just a few, but there are of course many different reasons you need to visit Costa Rica this year. Do some research and prepare for the trip of a lifetime. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t.