Free things to do in America’s top destinations

Times are tough for everyone and it is important to look after your money, which means spending money on activities is not always a possibility. Then again, you also do only live once and sitting at home, especially with a bunch of busy-bodied kids, is not always the best option. This article aims to give you a few fun-filled activities to do at some of America’s greatest locations, and the best part is that they are absolutely free!

1. New York City

New York City boasts with over 1700 parks so one option is to go park hopping. If you feel like you want to add to the trip you can even pack a picnic basket and have some lunch. Try not to go just to the famous parks like Central Park, but actually explore the lesser well-known parks. You might just end up finding a hidden gem! There is also a New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Calendar available online with daily park activities, many of which are free so definitely have a look at it. Some of these park activities include Tai chi, Medieval Festivals, or even Jazz Festivals. There will definitely be something for everyone.

2. San Francisco

If you like parks, go have a look at the Golden Gate Park that is an impressive 1,017 acres! If you’re a true nature-lover, there is also a botanical garden that you can visit with guided tours that will not cost you a cent. This botanical garden has many flowers and stunning trees that will leave you breathless within minutes.

Free things to do in America’s top destinations

3. Las Vegas

Check out the free water, light, and music show held at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino every 30 minutes from 3 pm to 8 pm during the week! This is a very popular event and even made an appearance in the movie Ocean’s Eleven, so make sure to arrive a few minutes early. If you go to Fremont Street, a pedestrian mall, you can enjoy some live performances, peer up at the 12 million lights the mall canopy is decorated with, or even watch some free shows on an overhead screen that start around dusk and continues all the way until midnight.

4. Washington D.C.

There are many museums here that you can go and explore for free. The National Air and Space Museum is located in Washington and is a must-visit on any family vacation. They have some very exciting exhibitions showcasing at the moment including Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 Spacesuit and World War II German Aviation. There are also monuments that you can view and take a photo of while there. Some of these monuments include Lincoln and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument.

Free things to do in America’s top destinations

5. California

California has a massive lake called Lake Michigan, which is so large in fact that it might remind you of the ocean. This is the perfect place for peaceful, scenic strolls along the lake or a delicious picnic.

6. Los Angeles

One of the things everyone must do at least once in their lifetime is to stroll along The Hollywood Walk of Fame and guess what – this is an absolutely free activity! This is an insanely fun and worthwhile activity to do. You can also visit Griffith Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the U.S. While you are there you can go for a run or a walk or even enjoy some hiking.