Great restaurants in New Orleans

Is there anything better than the Big Easy? New Orleans is arguably one of the best states in the US – and it’s not hard to see why. Located on the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a conglomeration of American, African, Spanish and French cultures and truly is a sight to behold. On one end of town, you have the Central Business District with tall skyscrapers and the 24-hour nightlife scene. Then, on the other end of town, you have the French Quarter, with its mansions and horse-drawn carriages. But the one thing that brings all of these areas together is the food. With varied cultures and diverse ethnic roots, there is every kind of food in New Orleans you could possibly want. Oh my, the food in New Orleans is something else.

Brennan’s – 417 Royal Street

Brennan’s is a New Orleans institution and a franchise that spans across the city. The Brennan family take their food very seriously – and no meal is superior. This means your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be just as high-quality as each other. The restaurant is located in the French Quarter and has become world-famous for its Creole dishes – including the ‘Bananas Foster’ which was first created in the restaurant itself. What could be better than having your breakfast cooked right in front of your eyes? Brennan’s will never let you leave hungry.

Commander’s Palace – 1403 Washington Avenue

Commander’s Palace restaurant is quite possibly the most famous restaurant in the whole of New Orleans, and it’s not hard to spot. The incredible restaurant is inside an iconic blue colonial house and has been serving its customers since 1880. Over the years, the restaurant has entertained famous celebrities and artists, and was one of Mark Twain’s favorite restaurants! The restaurant is currently owned by the Brennan family who owns various restaurants across the city and houses some of the best chefs in the state. If you’re dining at Commander’s Palace, you can expect traditional Haute-Creole cuisine – and you just have to try the Louisiana Gulf Shrimp.

Cochon – 930 Tchoupitoulas Street

New Orleans is overrun with traditional restaurants and authentic cultural dishes that many of the residents were crying out for a new, modern restaurant to check out. Thankfully, Cochon answered their call. This restaurant is located in a converted warehouse and primarily serves pork (as the word Cochon is French slang for pig). The whole restaurant is headed up by Chef Donald Link, who makes sure every dish is picture perfect. The restaurant primarily specializes in modern reworkings of traditional Southern Cajun dishes, and they are just yummy.

Tableau – 616 St. Peters Street

If you’re looking for a restaurant that has a good view, Tableau will offer you the best Tableau in the house. This restaurant overlooks the incredible Jackson Square and offers incredible views of all of the people, the parks, and the buildings – so make sure you can get a table outside! Tableau has two different floors depending on your occasion. The upstairs is a more casual dining experience, whereas the downstairs is a more formal affair. The whole menu has been thought up by the professional chef, Ben Thibodeaux, who mixes his French Creole routes with modern and unique twists.

Dominique’s – 219 Carondelet Street

Dominique’s is the kind of restaurant you want to visit if you simply can’t decide what you want to eat. As the brainchild of Dominique Macquet, his menu brings together all of his African, Indian, Creole and Asian routes from growing up on the island of Dominique which gives you a variety of options to choose from. And he’s not a bad chef either, considering he was chosen to cook the legendary Nelson Mandela’s first meal outside of prison…

Are you taking a trip to New Orleans anytime soon? You need to check out these restaurants. New Orleans is famous for their exquisite food, so it would be a crime not to sample from some of the best. There’s a restaurant to suit every palate, budget, and appetite, so get yourself over there!