A journey in leaves – the best destinations for tea lovers

Who among us doesn’t love a steaming cup of chai? Sure, a cup of tea might be the most British of inventions, but there is a growing love for tea across the United States. As a nation of coffee lovers, those of us flying the tea flag might be in a minority, but we are certainly growing.

Those tea enthusiasts out there are looking for any excuse to be able to sample more delicious tea variant. That’s why we have decided to compile a list of some of the ultimate destinations for those who love tea of all kinds. These are some of the most amazing tea experiences you can have in your life right now.

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Assam, India

India might be better known for Darjeeling, but the largest tea producing region is Assam. Vast tea plantations sprawl across the region which supplies three-fifths of the tea in India. Enthusiasts should check out Mancotta, a wonderful estate house from the 1840s nestled amid the plantations.

Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka

Ceylon used to be the name for Sri Lanka, so it is fitting that the Ceylon black tea is such an iconic choice in Sri Lanka. You should check out the delightful Ceylon Tea Trails, and take informative and intriguing tours, where you can learn all about the process of cultivating and creating Ceylon tea.

Afternoon/Cream tea, England

No tea experience would be complete without a trip to England, the spiritual home of tea! If you find yourself in Cool Britannia any time soon, you simply have to head for London, offers more afternoon tea options than you can shake a finger sandwich at! Alternatively, you might like to head to Cornwall’s Tregothnan to sample an authentic Cornish cream tea. Delicious!

Mint tea, Morocco

Morocco is famed for many different types of tea, but the absolute classic Moroccan offering is gunpowder green mint tea. Make sure you head for the Dar Baths Museum in Fez and check out a history lesson surrounding this delicious drink. The etiquette here is that you slurp rather than sip, and make sure you make the most of this delicious hot treat.

A journey in leaves – the best destinations for tea lovers

Corrientes, Argentina

It might surprise you to hear that Argentina is the third-largest consumer of tea in the world, by volume. The country consumes a delicious tea called Yerba Mate, a herbal tea that contains antioxidants. Many consider this to not be a proper tea because it’s herbal, but if mint tea counts then we feel this one should. There are plenty of tours in Corrientes where you can sample this herbal concoction, and this is definitely something you need to think about.

These are just some of the best tea experiences you can have in the world today. The love of all kinds of tea is growing and improving, and there are so many different experiences you can enjoy in countries all across the world. If you want to expand your tea horizons, and taste lots of different delicious teas from all across the world, these are some of the best places to begin.