Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Vacation

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Looking for a place to vacation that has a great climate, fantastic food, relaxed culture, and a beautiful coast? Look no further than sunny Mexico. There are so many incredible things about this colorful and exotic place that can draw any newlywed, family (big or small), and lone traveler; here are a few points on why Mexico should be your next vacation spot.  

Bang For Your Buck

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, you’ll most likely have a favorable exchange rate in Mexico. A single American Dollar is worth 19 Pesos, for example. Not to say by that conversion you’ll feel nineteen times wealthier in Mexico, but you’ll be able to afford to treat yourself and the family just that little bit more down there. Plus, you’ll be able to come back with more souvenirs than you can pack into your suitcase.

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Vacation

Culinary Culture

Mexico is big on food. A strong emphasis on family in the country means that mealtimes are important, and as such they developed a varied cuisine. The country’s food is mainly Spanish influenced, but you’ll still find dishes dating back to the times the Aztecs ruled Mexico. Don’t worry; no human sacrifices are involved. Mexico is a spicy food lovers heaven. Any dish on a menu can be made hot enough to make anyone break a sweat, if that’s what you’re into.  

Choose dates for your next dream vacation to Mexico

So what does this mean for your vacation? It means you’re not going to be short on places to chow down with the family, for one. Whether you’re going to a restaurant for a nice meal, or looking for a snack, Mexico has got you covered. On the subject of snacks, Mexico’s street food is second to none. Pork carnitas at the roadside are great if you’ve got to eat fast and move quick, but don’t forget to stop for churros for a little dessert with authentic Aztec chocolate dipping sauce. 

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Vacation


You’ll find vast portions of Mexico are relatively fluent in English due to sharing a border with the United States. While knowing Spanish would be nice, locals won’t hold it against you if you’re happier to speak in English.

Here’s an idea for the family, though, why not try learning Spanish together in preparation for your vacation? Kids are usually more adaptive at learning languages than adults, so why not give them a head start on becoming bilingual? By the end of the vacation, they might even be at a conversational level.

Deals, Deals, Deals

We’ve already established that Mexico can be reasonably cheap. That extends even to package holidays. While travel agents might inflate the price a little to get a bigger cut, you’re going to be getting a bargain compared to vacationing elsewhere.

So why should you buy into a package holiday anyway? Convenience is the selling point usually. If you’ve got a family, you’re going to be busy, and planning a vacation step by step is just going to take up too much of your time. A package holiday is a simple way to of getting things done. You know what you’re in for, without having to spend weeks meticulously planning everything. Besides, you can get perks like staying at an exclusive resort, or an all-inclusive meal plan so you don’t have to worry about cooking or finding somewhere to eat.


The Sun Never Stops Shining

If you and your family want to get a little tanned on this vacation, you’re going to have the time of your life in Mexico. Clear skies and a dry heat make for perfect sunbathing conditions. Make sure you all wear sunscreen, though. People often make the mistake of thinking not wearing any will make them tan quicker, but without any protection, you’re just going to straight up burn.

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Vacation

Tradition Tourism

One of the best things about Mexico are its traditional holidays. You won’t find anything like them anywhere else in the World. The big one you should be planning your vacation around is Dia De Los Muertos, known in English as The Day of the Dead. For those unfamiliar, it’s one-half a celebration of those who have passed on, and one part a kitschy art festival gone wild.

The streets will be lined with people dressed up in costumes with skeleton motifs, faces will be painted in an ornate, traditional Mexican style, and decorations will hang from every lamppost. The kids will be wondering if they’ve stepped foot on a movie set. That’s not all, though, the holiday is full of food vendors, with street musicians playing in bands to help set the mood. Mexico definitely knows how to party. 

Why Mexico Should Be Your Next Vacation

Photo Opportunities

Vacations are made of memories, right? You better pack your camera, because you’re going to be taking a lot of photos for mementoes in Mexico. Even if you aren’t visiting on flashy holidays like The Day of the Dead, there’s a real rustic, hand-crafted feel to Mexico that’ll have you taking pictures of every street sign, pop-up vendor, or general store. That’s not even including the inevitable pictures of the family you’ll be taking in front of Mexican landmarks, like the Aztec’s Chichen Itza.