Pet-friendly hotels around the globe

Driving away from the kennel after dropping your dog off is a pretty “ruff” way to start a vacation! It’s hard to enjoy yourself knowing your furry best friend is missing you, so the best way to deal with it is to take him along for the adventure. Luckily there are some pretty amazing pet-friendly hotels across the world who want to make sure your favorite four-legged friend has as much of a good time as you. These are just a few of them…

Fairmont, San Francisco

For just a $75 fee, your furry friend can come along to this iconic hotel and will be treated to facilities just as luxurious as their human counterparts. Not only will a water bowl and a comfortable bed be waiting for them in the room when you arrive, but they can even order from their own room service menu!

Pet-friendly hotels

Kai Kinugawa, Japan

There are currently more pets than young children in Japan, so it only makes sense that hotels are catering to them. This hot spring hotel offers their guests the chance to book a dog room which comes with essentials such as bowls, beds, and towels for the pooches, as well as an outdoor run for them to get some exercise, and a private hot spring bath for both pet and guest to relax in.

The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Hoxton hotels chain have actually gone as far as to design a website specifically for their K9 guests, called Hox Hounds, which thankfully has a translation button to help their owners understand. There is no fee for bringing a dog with you at these hotels, and they will provide a bowl, bed, toilet bags, and a spare collar and lead.

The Langham, Sydney

Sure, there are other pet-friendly hotels in Sydney, but the Langham claims to be the only five-star luxury accommodation. It will cost you $85 per pet to bring them along, and the cat, dog or bird needs to be under 44lbs. There is a pet-sitting service if you need to pop out, and they can spend their time reclining on a luxury pet bed, enjoying something from the pet-specific in-room menu, which features treats such as beef, salmon, and a special bird mix of crudites!

Dog in hotel room

Kimpton Hotel Monaco, Seattle

Although you’re probably looking at taking your dog on your trip with you, at this hotel as long as it is small enough to fit through the door, it can stay! So feel free to bring your llama, snake or piglet with you, and they will be provided with essentials such as toys, beds, water bowls, and even treats, regardless of animal. At most of the 60 hotels run by this chain, you’ll be greeted by the Director of Pet Relations who is a dog, and in this specific destination, there is a delicious dining menu for dogs from beef stew to a frozen Pupsicle.

So, next time you book a trip, instead of putting your furry friend in a kennel, choose somewhere pet-friendly and make some memories – you’d be barking not to!