Places around the world to volunteer with the most impact

Sometimes if you want to help people, the best thing you can do is roll your sleeves up and give your own time to a valuable cause. While you can have an impact on any community you volunteer in, these places around the world offer the biggest impact.


Peru is one of the most-visited countries in South America, but despite the number of tourists who come flocking every year, some Peruvian communities are in desperate need of help. Several communities are lacking in adequate infrastructure with school-building a priority. Volunteers in Peru can couple helping some of the neediest with amazing sights to see.

The main reason so many tourists head to Peru in the first place is the Andes mountain range, and in particular Machu Picchu. During the mornings you can be busy building, in the afternoons you can go exploring this amazing country.

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People have also been heading to Nepal for many years thanks to the Himalayan mountain range, but there is a real need for help these days. In 2015 a devastating earthquake hit the country, and the rebuilding process is still ongoing. Countless villages were flattened by the natural disaster, and volunteers would be required to rebuild people’s homes.

There is also the necessary improvements to the infrastructure to put preventative measures in place should another earthquake hit the region. Communities affected by the disaster are quite remote and cut off from other villages, so trekking through Nepal’s landscape with supplies will become a part of your day job.

Costa Rica

Helping people is vitally important, but helping animals is arguably just as important to ensure the world’s ecosystems remain functioning. In Costa Rica volunteers are required to prevent poachers from taking sea turtles, and to help research continue on the indigenous jaguars and sea birds.

There are people in need of help in Costa Rica too, and volunteers would be helping to build sidewalks and schools for remote communities. There is also insufficient housing in these communities, and volunteering your services would go a long way to putting roofs over people’s heads.


Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean and has suffered a lot in recent years due to natural disasters. Not only has the country experienced deadly earthquakes, but tornadoes have ripped through the heart of Haiti. The damage caused by these disasters has prompted an outbreak of cholera, and the people of Haiti are in desperate need of help.

In as little as one week volunteers can help build a house from scratch to completion, giving someone unfortunate a place to call their own amidst the chaos. You won’t be on your own though, and Haitians are known to be resilient people who continue to rebuild their country one day at a time.

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As the number of people in the world continues to grow, many of the animal species are dwindling. If you are an animal lover, then volunteering in Thailand will make a huge difference to both your life and those creatures you look after.

In Thailand, you can volunteer to help raise tiger cubs or reintroduce elephants back into their natural habitats. There is plenty of culture to sink your teeth into while taking a break from volunteering, but the animals you help in Thailand will make this trip feel worthwhile.

Volunteering your time to help someone else is a generous offer that not everyone considers in life. These places all over the world are just some of the amazing locations where your help can have a real impact.