Places off-the-beaten-track in Alaska

Perhaps you know Alaska as that vast American state with very few people living in it. Or perhaps you know of this unusual state because of the many reports of random wildlife encounters. Maybe you even know it because of its breathtaking landscapes and view of the Aurora Borealis. Whatever Alaska is known for, most people can agree that it is one of the most unique states in the whole of America, from its complicated history to its unusual way of life. Some might argue that Alaska, in general, is off-the-beaten-track, but believe it or not, there is more to this northern state than meets the eye.

Aurora Ice Museum

The Aurora Ice Museum houses some unique sculptures created by Steve Brice. Among these are sculptures of jousting knights, an ice chess set, and even an ice outhouse. This museum is open all year round as the ice never melts. During tours, the sculptures are lit up with beautiful colors to create breathtaking scenes.

Places off-the-beaten-track in Alaska

Dr. Seuss house

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation that Dr. Seuss ever lived in this house, but it is named as such because of how there are various levels added to the original structure, with each level getting smaller. So the house really looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. It’s quite an unusual and marvelous thing to see.

Kennecott Ghost Town

During the Alaskan “copper rush,” this town kind of sprung up overnight. It was one of the richest towns surrounding a copper mine and it was filled with all sorts of prominent people. But when the copper dried up, the residents just abandoned the town, even leaving most of their possessions behind. Visiting Kennecott gives a glimpse into Alaska’s mining history and the lives of the people then.

Aunt Claudia’s Dolls Museum

Another very strange museum in Alaska is the Aunt Claudia’s Doll’s Museum. Claudia Kelsey was a doll collector who lived around the World War II era. She amassed a great collection of over 800 dolls including some local artifacts. The collection ranges from cute and bright dolls to dark and scary-looking ones. If this sort of thing interests you, it’s a great place to visit because it offers free entry to the public.

Igloo City

Another abandoned part of Alaska is the four-story Igloo City Hotel. When construction began in the 1970s, the building failed to comply with building codes. Several owners after that tried to get the hotel to be functional, but that was never to be the case. Now, this giant structure sits completely abandoned and unfinished for passers-by to wander through.

Places off-the-beaten-track in Alaska

The Hammer Museum

This odd little museum is dedicated to preserving the history of mankind’s most unappreciated tool – the hammer. With over 1,400 specimens on display, dating back to Ancient Egypt, this museum is sure to teach you a thing or two about hammers.

Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is a partially submerged aircraft that sits in a lake near Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks. It was once used for weather reconnaissance and later for training in water extraction, but in 1955, the water was too high for the aircraft to be retrieved. And there she sits to this day for visitors and military personnel to see.