Places in the U.S that actually feel like visiting Europe

We’d all love to take a trip to Europe, wouldn’t we? But unfortunately, life’s not as simple as packing your bag and booking a flight. Plus, travel to Europe tends to be a lot more expensive than the domestic flights we can get to and from cities right here in the U.S.

If you have always wanted to taste a bit of Europe, then we have some good news for you – America is actually home to a whole host of towns which are heavily influenced by Europe, and they are towns which you can visit right now! Here is a list of the places we think can give you the best of what America’s little Europe has to offer.

Lindsborg, Kansas

Lindsborg is the answer to America’s capital city of Sweden. All year round you can visit the picturesque town to get a real feel of Swedish culture – including a look at the 1904-built Swedish Pavilion, shops and boutiques selling Swedish goodies, and streets built around traditional architecture. Plus, every year the town holds the Svensk Hyllningsfest – a celebration of dancing, art, and parades.

Lindsborg, Kansas

Leavenworth, Washington

Located just a few hours outside of Seattle, Leavenworth offers a main high street that looks like something right out of a fairytale set in a magical mountainous village – Disney vibes for sure! There are horses and carriages roaming the streets, wonderfully beautiful architecture, and lights flowing over the buildings to make the town come even more alive at night. The famous Oktoberfest is also held here every year as well.

New Glarus, Wisconsin

This small village is known for its exceptional cheese and chocolate… Need we say anymore? If you’re wanting an authentic experience in taking a step back in time to a Swiss mid-century community, then this village is the best of what America has to offer – but it won’t disappoint. You’ll be instantly charmed, stopping off at the local market, brewery and bakery, all enticing you in with incredible sights and smells.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

If you’re wanting a trip away for Christmas this year, then look no further than Frankenmuth. The town is home to the largest holiday store in the world, offering you all the Christmas goodies you’ll need. There’s also a spectacular Santa’s grotto for the little ones too. Downtown Frankenmuth is not a disappointment either, with a variety of food stores and quaint German shops to keep you occupied.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

St.Augustine, Florida

St.Augustine is one of the oldest cities in U.S history, first discovered in 1565. You’ll get a feel for its rich history as soon as you visit, as the city’s aesthetically Spanish architecture is breathtaking every street you turn down. There’s also plenty of historical sites and museums for you to visit too, providing you with some amazing facts on the city’s cultural history. You can also pay a visit to the spiritual landmark of the Fountain of Youth which in the 1500s was considered to provide those who drink from it with eternal youth.

Wanting to travel Europe? But also out of money in the bank? Well, why not make the most of your dreams and get a starter taste of Europe by visiting one of these gorgeous towns or cities. Instead of stepping off a plane in a different country, you’ll step out of a car into a different state. What’s the difference?