Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular pastimes for those who love the beach and water (and live near the coast). Pro surfing is when a surfer (and sponsors) realize he or she not only has a passion for surfing, but is also really good at it! Surfing takes balance, strength, stamina and lots and lots of practice. We dove, pun totally intended, into the top five spots around the world for the best areas to surf if you’re a pro surfer. These locations are no joke, the ways here are not for beginners, but for the surfers out there that can handle a serious tube, crushing waters, and can maneuver quickly enough to ride a major wave, rather than be crushed beneath it.

The Mentawais Islands | West Sumatra, Indonesia

What makes this a surfer’s paradise is the warm water and high waves. Those who come here come for the beauty of the beaches and the frequency of the waves. On the island there is a surf resort for those who want to really make their trip worth it. The owners of the resort and the instructors for those wanting to surf here, all have one common goal – get to know the waves and geography of where they are, whilst making sure the surf stays pure.

This spot is the farthest thing from touristy, as only experienced individuals can handle the speed and weight of the waves. To get here you will need to go on a ferry, which is a delightful little trip all its own. The surf break here is favorite of many pro surfers worldwide.

Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing
Salina Cruz | Oaxaca, Mexico

Selina Cruz is home to surf camps and organized surf trips, but by no means is it for those of us who are new to the board. The area is not very busy so those who come here have the privacy of surfing until their heart is content. This area is good for those surfers who are looking to experiment with various long or short boards. The hot sun and the cold water, make for an interesting contrast and a refreshing change from warmer waters.

Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing
 Rocky Point | North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

This spot is one of the most popular areas to surf in all of Hawaii. On a day with a swell, you’ll be surfing among the greatest pro surfers in the world, who consider this spot to be one of a kind. The name for the spot was given due to the two rocks that are there, creating a water surge right in the right spot, and breaking over a shallow coral reef. You’ll want to stick to Rocky Rights for the surfing so as not to get caught in the reef.

Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing
Lower Trestles | San Onofre State Beach | San Diego County, California

Pro surfer, Stephanie Gilmore has said that Lower Trestles is, “It is surfing’s very own version of a skate park. It’s super high performance and a favorite stop on the World Surf League tour for me.” Many surfers cherish this spot for their surfing endeavors. Paddling out is easy, waves are aplenty, and there is a perfect reef break. It seems as though the place is taken right out of a movie, with wave after wave of a perfect tubular shapes that all forms of boards can handle.

Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing
Snapper Rocks | Gold Coast, Australia

Snapper Rocks rests at the bottom tip of the Gold Coast in Australia. The surf here is a favorite of many pro surfers. Getting into the area would require you to walk through the wet rocks and jump into the water on your surf board – not for the faint of heart! Snapper Rocks is the main surfing area these days, as the Gold Coast is the surf capital of Australia. The sand buildup has made Snapper Rocks the Super Bank it was named thereafter. If you grab a wave in Snapper Rocks, you could ride it all the way over to either Greenmount or even Kirra (the former number one surf spot on the Gold Coast).

Top 5 International Spots for Pro Surfing