Top resort hotels in the U.K. and in Ireland

Are you in desperate need of a holiday but unsure of where to go and need more than just the basics that a hotel offers? Well, no need to worry as we will be telling you about some of the best resort hotels in the U.K. and Ireland!

1. Mount Juliet, Country Kilkenny, Ireland

Mount Juliet will make any Jane Austen fan feel right at home because we are very sure this is what Darcy’s estate, Pemberley, looked like. Some of the facilities available include room service, a fitness center, pool, spa, and steam room. They offer concierge services where they provide you with some insight about the estate and countryside. You can take a ride around the surrounding woods – via horse or bicycle. There is also fishing, tennis, and golf available on the premises. This Manor House boasts 32 rooms but do book in advance because Mount Juliet is rather popular. It costs $230 per night in low season and $305 per night in high season. Breakfast is included and Wi-Fi is free.

Top resort hotels in the U.K. and in Ireland

2. Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

Ashford Castle is something that must be experienced. This newly decorated estate (2013), is close to the town of Cong where the film the Quiet Man was filmed. There are many activities that you can partake in, for example, horse and bike riding, fishing, zip-wiring, tree-climbing, and even archery. This estate has 82 bedrooms and suites with varying styles, and you can even select your preference when booking. For single rooms, it costs around $324 per night and $417 per night for double rooms. Breakfast is also included at Ashford Castle and Wi-Fi is free.

3. Star Castle Hotel, Cornwall, England

Star Castle has a view of the ocean as it is situated on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly. This
hotel boasts not one but two award-winning restaurants and believe it – the food looks absolutely delicious. There is also a bar, a heated indoor pool, a tennis court, and daily boat trips to surrounding islands. The owner of the hotel also started his own winery on-site, so feel free to go for tastings. There are 38 rooms in this castle. Breakfast is included and Wi-Fi is free. In low season it costs $223 per night and in high season it costs $325 per night.

Top resort hotels in the U.K. and in Ireland

4. Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Highlands, Scotland

Even Queen Victoria herself said that she ‘never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot’ than this Castle when she visited there in 1873. The drive there is an experience in itself. You can either drive there yourself by driving through Glencoe and up the Great Glen, which is stunning to say the least, or you can take a steam train on the West Highland Line and then the hotel’s Rolls Royce will come and collect you. Some activities include skiing, white-water rafting, off-road driving, fishing, picnics, mountain biking, and many, many more. There are 17 rooms available and of these rooms 3 of them are suites. Breakfast is included and Wi-Fi is free. Rooms vary from $417-$580 per night depending on the season.

5. Coworth Park, Berkshire, England

This hotel is beautiful, and the staff are very friendly according to reviews. There are many activities including swimming, a tennis court, a spa, and even a kids’ club. There are 30 rooms in the central mansion house and 40 other rooms split across cottages and stables. Unfortunately, breakfast is not included here but Wi-Fi is free. A double room costs $400 year-round per night.