Top travel destination for the fall

Many people love summer and winter, but fall rarely makes it onto anyone’s list of favorite seasons. And, it’s a shame because the fall can provide some absolutely stunning and spectacular scenery. There are so many places in the world that look great all year round, but they look even more special during the fall. So, it might be the best time of the year to get away and enjoy some travel.

Choosing the perfect place to visit during the fall is, of course, subjective, but you want to choose a place with breathtaking outdoor scenery. This is the best way of ensuring that you get the very best vacation experience and taking in some of the best sights of the world. Here are some of the best travel destinations to visit this fall.

New England

New England is one of the most beautiful and sensational locations in the world. And this is the perfect location for anyone who has never been to the Northeast United States. If you’ve never been to this wonderful place, you should definitely check it out. There are a lot of states that comprise New England, and some of them you can definitely get a lot out of. New England when the leaves change is one of the most stunning areas of the world to be, and even more in the fall.


Munich might not be the obvious first choice when it comes to a fall vacation, but that’s just because you’ve not been looking at it properly! Oktoberfest takes place in the fall months, and this is the ideal time to visit. You can enjoy Bavarian beer, schnitzels, bratwursts, and all the best of German hospitality. The most famous folk festival in the world kicks off from September 9th to October 4th and is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious German beers.

British Columbia

British Columbia has got to be the most picture perfect of all the Canadian provinces and is an absolutely essential choice for those looking for the most idealistic of fall vacations. You can tread the breathtaking BC wilderness, gaze at the multicolored leaves and sprawling rivers of western Canada. You should also use this opportunity to enjoy a spot of grizzly viewing. These majestic beasts are normally shy when it comes to dealing with humans, and seeing them in their natural habitat is a sensational experience.


If you consider yourself more of a night owl, it can be fascinating in the fall when the dark nights draw closer. Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do though, and Lisbon is the ideal fall destination for those who love the night. Stay in the city’s old red-light district, and you’ll be really close to loads of excellent bars, restaurants, and nightlife hotspots. This stylish and affordable city is one of the top choices for tourists these days, but, you can avoid the crowds by going in the fall.

These are just some of the destinations we feel are the most magnificent and majestic in the world. They are places that really come alive in the fall, and provide you with plenty of staggering natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, and unique opportunities. The world is a pretty amazing place, and you can experience everything that’s great about it by checking out these amazing fall destinations.