Traveling to Game of Thrones filming locations

The HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones” will be hitting our screens very soon. The fantasy drama, which is based on the books of George R.R Martin, is known for its high production values with filming on-location simultaneously in different countries posing as the lands of ice and fire. If you were thinking where to spend your next vacation, this is will probably give you some great ideas to pick from, while also a chance to revisit some of the stunning locations which provide the backdrop for your favorite show. Here are some of the countries that took part in the series :

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has many beautiful landscapes and ancient castles that can be dated back to medieval times. Because of that, they were HBO’s perfect choice as primary filming sites for many locations on the series, such as Winterfell, Castle Black, and the Riverlands. The episodes were mainly filmed in County Antrim and its Giant Causeway, County Down, and the Northern Irish capital Belfast. Although sometimes the scenery may be considered by some fans as bleak and cold, it is definitely stunning.


This beautiful country in Eastern Europe usually provides the backdrop for scenes and locations in King’s Landing, including the Red Keep and Blackwater Bay. While she is known for its sunny, Mediterranean look, Croatia is also considered to be relatively cheap, thus becoming a hot destination for travelers. Most of the scenes were Filmed in Dubrovnik, with many tourists and fans considering its beautiful Old Town as an entire set by itself. One can find also the beautiful Baroque staircase which is featured on the show.


This North-African hidden gem was an undiscovered, beautiful location for many years, But these days Morocco is slowly becoming a major tourist attraction, which they can credit to the show. The beautiful cities Ait Benhaddou and Essaouira, both located near Marrakech and the spice route, were used as the settings for the slaver cities of Yunkai and Astapur, in which Khaleesi visits in the exotic continent of Essos. Famous for trekking, its beaches, and great food, Morocco could easily be your favorite new place.


While searching for unique locations as portrayed in the book series, Game of Thrones even ended up filming at the edge of the world. This gorgeous island is mainly used for scenes that take place during Jon Snow’s journeys beyond the wall, while it also provides some otherworldly scenery in the show. Famous places include Dimmuborgir, which is a frozen lava near lake Mývatn and the Grjótagjá cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had their famous love moment. Although the production team had to film during the winter in order to achieve the freezing look of the location, Iceland in the summertime can get pretty sunny and warm.

So what are you waiting for? Just take a vacation from work, book a flight and go visit some of your favorite spots in the series.