Unique places to visit in Mexico you didn’t know existed

Mexico is a popular tourist destination, mostly because of the diversity of the attraction points it has to offer. Lush waterfalls, white, sandy beaches and other hidden but absolutely gorgeous locations set the pace for an adventure of a lifetime. It being such a popular destination, you will enrich your experience by visiting the less trodden paths…the unique places that many tourists don’t know exist, or which are off the main grid, which means they’re not as overcrowded as the rest of the tourist spots. Some of these places to visit in Mexico that you didn’t know existed include:


Lake Bacalar is like a piece of the Maldives, but in Mexico. Picture clear pristine, blue water, and beaches that are not spotted with revelers. That’s what Bacalar offers. Located 5 hours-drive from the nearest big city, Cancun, it discourages most visitors from going there, making it less populated. Only a few tour agencies offer trips there, and the lack of public transport headed that way will require you to find a rental car. The public access points at the beach are beautiful, and extremely cheap too. There are also many hotels that can give you access to enjoy the calm environment and beautiful lake.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Edward James’s Surrealist Garden (Las Pozas)

Many of us toy with the idea of paradise, and try to imagine how such a perfect place would be like. A venture into the Mexican jungle will give you a clear picture of what British Poet Edward James had in mind. The poet built a surrealist garden filled with surreal architecture in an attempt to create a place like Eden. You can see the poetic charm in the structures. Doors that open into nothing, stairs that lead into nowhere, elaborately decorated buildings and lush waterfalls. Located in the small town of Xilitla with Mexico City being a 7-hour drive away, the Las Pozas garden is open to the public. Here, you can get some of the most surreal photographs.

Grutas Tolantongo

This hot springs resort is one of Mexico’s best hidden secrets. Hot pools among lush trees plus a turquoise stream that flows through the park makes this a tourist’s paradise. However, not many visitors come to marvel at the mysterious caves in this location, given the nearest major city is Mexico City, which is a 5-hour drive away. To get there, you’ll have to ride through some rugged mountain landscapes, but the experience is all worth it.

The Suytun Cenote

There is an inexhaustible list of cenotes to see in Mexico, but this one in Valladolid tops them all. The Suytun cenote is underground, and has a walkway that leads you down to its center. There’s an opening in the ceiling that allows in light, giving the cenote an ethereal ambience.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Hierve El Agua

A picturesque landscape that looks like an animated painting is Hierve El Agua’s strong fort. This landmark is a 90-minute drive from Oaxaca. Here, find two separate infinity pools with an eye-catching mountain backdrop. There is a petrified waterfall here, one among the only two worldwide. The mineral formations in this place add onto its appeal with their color.

A visit to any of these places will not only introduce you to the least known magical places in Mexico, but also allow you to enjoy your vacation in a relaxed, serene spot.