Winter time in Helsinki

If you fancy a Scandinavian adventure that isn’t what everyone else is doing, you need to check out Finland. Norway? Too expensive. Denmark? Everyone’s doing it. Finland is the hidden gem of Scandinavia, and now is the perfect time to enjoy it before it becomes trendy to visit. If you want to get the full Finnish experience, we recommend you head here in the winter.

Head to the capital of Helsinki, and make sure you book somewhere nice. We’re going to help you understand how much this breathtaking (literally in the winter too) city has to offer a curious traveler. Okay, so you’re probably thinking “Helsinki? In winter? Are you mad?!” No, we’re not – the city is simply stunning and is best enjoyed in winter. Here’s why and how.

The city

The beauty of Helsinki is that it’s actually 2 cities in one. In the summer it’s a sprawling place; snaking through the city center, past stunning architecture, and across luscious greenery. It’s the perfect time to have picnics, go for a stroll, cycle the city, or visit its many islands. However, in the winter the city transforms and becomes something else entirely. During the winter months, the city is entrenched in a blanket of powdery white and becomes a very cold, but very idyllic location. You’ll need to wrap up warm, but you’ll definitely want to catch this gorgeous city under a dazzling, white snowfall.

What to do in Helsinki in winter

There are so many different things to do in this stunning city in the winter, and it’s important to try to experience as many of them as you can. A spot of cross-country skiing would be ideal for those who like to remain active, as well as enjoying a unique experience. Take a stroll around Suomenlinna – an island fortress off the coast of Helsinki. There are plenty of museums here, and they are perfect for learning more about Helsinki. You can also embark on a helicopter tour, flying high above the city and taking in those stunning views.

An icy dip

Yes, believe it or not, taking a swim in a hole in the ice can actually be very therapeutic, not to mention good for your health. The Finnish have a love of saunas, and we reckon you could combine the two – a session in the sauna, followed by a dip in the freezing water! How about that for waking your body up and making you feel alive. This is something the Finnish do a lot, and you should try it out in order to get the full-on Helsinki experience. Not only is it a unique opportunity, but, it also has a lot of health and wellness benefits too.

Helsinki is a beautiful, sprawling, and evocative city, with loads of sensational scenery, sumptuous food, and significant cultural heritage. You want to experience everything that Helsinki has to offer, and the way to do that is to come up with as many different adventures as you can. If you want to spend the winter in Helsinki, you will be well placed to enjoy this beautiful capital, and take in the surroundings as best you can.