The world’s smallest countries

There are so many amazing countries in the world, each of them with their own unique customs and cultures. We know that Russia, by landmass, is the largest country in the world, but what about the smallest? With around 194 countries in the world, there is so much diversity and difference between a lot of them. And, there are quite a few countries that would fit into the bracket of world’s smallest; you’ll most likely have heard of most of them. But, we’re going to look at the top 5 smallest countries in the world today.

5. San Marino

San Marino is probably best known for the soccer matches in which they get trounced, usually by England. But, they are also famed for being one of the tiniest nations on Earth. Surrounded by Italy, San Marino is the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world. San Marino is a country full of charm and serenity, and a popular nation with tourists. Before the Second World War, San Marino was a very poor nation, but, these days, with around 3 million tourists flocking every year, the country has become one of the wealthier nations.

The world’s five smallest countries

4. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an amazing tropical island country, situated in the Pacific Ocean just Northeast of Australia. With a population of just 100,000 people, Tuvalu is one of the world’s smallest nations. They also have just 1 hospital and only 8km of roads. The nation used to be a part of the British Empire, but gained its own independence in 1978, and became the fourth smallest country in the world.

The world’s five smallest countries

3. Nauru

At just 21 km2, Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world. This tiny island nation, again off the coast of Australia, is known as the smallest island country in the world. It looks every inch the tropical paradise we imagined. Formerly known as the ‘Pleasant Island’ Nauru was a big place for phosphate mining. However, once natural resources ran out, it led to a huge boom in unemployment. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most visually spectacular nations in the world.

The world’s five smallest countries

2. Monaco

Situated on the breathtaking French Riviera, it would be easy to mistake Monaco for a French city, but it’s actually a country in its own right. Okay, well, technically speaking Monaco is an independent principality, but officially it is classed as a country. The second smallest country in the world (2 km2) is also home to the greatest number of millionaires per capita of anywhere in the world. That’s probably to do with its size, but it is also hugely popular with the rich and famous.

The world’s five smallest countries

1. Vatican

Again, much like Monaco, The Vatican is a curious one because we don’t traditionally tend to think of it as a city. It’s more sort of a principality or a city within Rome that has a degree of autonomy. But, the Vatican is actually classed as its own country. It has its own set of rules and laws, and even has a national soccer team! The country fits comfortably inside the city of Rome and is the center of Catholicism on the planet. With a surface area of 0.44 km2, The Vatican is comfortably the smallest country in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

The world’s five smallest countries

These are the five smallest nations in the world, and we’d definitely like to visit some of them. Whether or not you agree with the classification of The Vatican and Monaco as countries is a matter for debate. But, in an official capacity, they are seen as being the smallest nations in the world, a fact that makes them even more iconic.