5 apps for a more successful family vacation

When we say a ‘more successful’ family vacation we basically mean that anything could happen, especially on a family trip. Things can either go really well or terribly wrong. There was a time when things were simpler and life was, well, much easier. However, everything started changing once kids got in the picture. As much as we adore them, when parents take their kids away from their normal day-to-day routine (which can be unbearable sometimes on its own), let’s just say that they feel more free than ever, and that’s not always such a good thing. Free to scream more, to get lost more and to have horrible meltdowns in the most picturesque places. Don’t get us wrong, a family vacation can also be amazing because it’s a time for pure bonding, a precious time that you don’t always get in your everyday life.

Thankfully, in this day and age, parents have apps to pretty much save them from anything that could go wrong. Ok, maybe not anything but if they want to ‘survive’ a family vacation with their kids, there are a few apps that will come very handy. Some are more useful than others and some are just about pure fun, isn’t that what a vacation is all about? Who knows, maybe some parents will even consider going on another family vacation very soon. Everyone needs some technical help from time to time, and that’s where these 5 apps come in.


GateGuru is the one app you absolutely need when traveling with kids. It will be a real lifesaver in case your flight gets delayed, or god forbid, cancelled. Based on your flight schedule and details, this app will give you real-time updates so you won’t need to waste any of your precious time. You will also get ,major discounts on travel-related features such as car rental and list of shops and restaurants you can find at the airport.


Yey, you arrived at your destination, congratulations! Now, if you haven’t planned ahead of time (which is probably not the best idea) then you’ll be very thankful for Yuggler. This app is all about fun and keeping your kids busy. Depending on your area, it will offer you suggestions and opinions of things you can do based on other parents’ recommendations and photos. There’s an option to filter according to your kids’ age, the season you’re traveling in and more.

USA Rest Stops:

In the case of a family road trip or just in case you have long drives as part of your trip itinerary, you will com to realize that your kids need to go, A LOT! The number of breaks just go up as they get older. With USA Rest Stop, you will get to find different rest stops across the country so you will always know when the next stop will be. ‘Are we there yet?’ will become a whole lot endurable.


Postagram will let you send your relatives back home an interactive postcard that will get to their phone way faster than a normal postcard would, obviously. Your Instagram snaps will turn into postcards in just one click.

Plates Free Family Travel Game:

Remember that license plate game you used to play with your siblings and parents when driving around the country? Well, it just went from traditional to digital. Have your children search for different license plates in different states, that way you’ll burn another hour or two.