5 tips for camping with a baby

To some parents, the very idea of taking their baby on a camping trip might sound like the scariest, most unrealistic thing in the world. However, for others, who are usually more outdoorsy in their nature, this adventure (and yes it’s an adventure in every sense of the word) may sound like the best idea. For those who might be a bit more insecure about the whole concept of camping with a baby, you should probably keep in mind that babies are more adaptable than you’d think, even to less sterilized environments. However, it does take a bit more planning and reorganization.

Taking your baby camping is for sure challenging, but you’ll be surprised how much the rewards are worth the experience. The idea might sound pretty far-fetched, but you really have to give it a try. In fact, the earlier you would take your babies camping, the easier it would be for you. Summer time is also the perfect time to do so, so pack your sleeping bag and a couple of diapers (and lots of baby wipes) and just go. Before you go, here are a few helpful tips that will help you survive camping with your baby:

Daylight is key

If it’s possible, try to make it to your site when the sun is still out and there’s plenty of natural light to set everything up. The things you will take along will probably double now that you have an infant, so it’s really for your own good to try and make it before the sun goes down

There is no such thing as too many diapers

If you always thought what it would be like to go all organic with your baby’s diapers, meaning, choosing the non-disposable option instead, now is not the time. When they haven’t been used, diapers don’t weigh so much so take as many as you think you will need + an extra ten. The last thing you want to happen is to be left without them.

Stay stress-free

Any activity that is done with a baby can be quite stressful. It’s understandable, after all you pull them out of their comfort zone and let them adapt to a new and unfamiliar situation. Or perhaps it’s you that is being pulled out of your comfort zone? In any case, if you’re feeling more stressful than usual, try not to act that way in front of your baby, as he will pick up on that and will act accordingly.

Keep it simple

Camping is already about going on a vacation light in its nature, so you should probably pack accordingly. Sure, traveling with babies sounds like you can’t not go overboard with your packing, but there’s a fine line between getting yourself prepared for the worst case and really over packing. In a nutshell, take a few extras just to be sure you’re not stuck, but there’s really no point in packing your baby’s entire closet.

Fit your daily schedule in your vacay schedule

When you have a newborn at home, it’s really important to try and stick to a somewhat ‘strict’ schedule with their naps and feeding times. It makes their day better and they know what to anticipate for, and it makes your day (and night) much more pleasant. Now, we know that when you’re on vacation, the whole schedule thing gets a little confused. However, try to stick to your baby’s schedule naps as much as you can to avoid any major meltdowns or over-tiredness.