5 user-friendly apps for comparing flight fares

You can really notice a big shift in the way people plan their travels these days. Besides the fact that everything had gone digital and you don’t have to actually print out your flight tickets or show a hard-paper passport at the security check, one of the biggest changes that have happened are actually economical, and that is always good news. Whether you’re traveling on a tight budget or you have all the money in the world to spend on whatever you want, there is nothing like a finding a cheap bargain to make your day.

Finding a good flight, at the right budget and one that suits your entire travel package and needs may sound like a difficult task, however, with today’s technology and competition (which is always a good thing for customers), it’s really not as bad as it sounds. The only problem you might face is the abundance of flight comparing apps that might confuse you. Sometimes, the differences may be so minor that you really need to know these apps so well in order to tell those dissimilarities. Finding a cheap flight is also a great way to become more spontaneous, because if you were to come across a good deal, then you will have a harder time letting it go, especially when it is so affordable. In the sea, or sky, of travel apps and websites, we found the 7 must-have apps for comparing flight fares that are also very user-friendly. After exploring these, you’ll never want to use anything else when you’ll be planning your next trip.


If you consider yourself flexible and spontaneous, then DealRay might be the perfect choice for your flight comparison. It searches the web for the best deals and the best part is that you can get alerts upon request to be notified whenever there is a bargain that suits your travel needs. If you have the privilege to be flexible (in life in general) and the you don’t need a lot of time to pack a suitcase, and the only thing you care about is how cheap of a flight you can find, check DealRay out.


If you get excited about finding the best bargain, meaning, you could sit all day and wait around for the best deal you can find, then you should really check out Hopper. The app which is free on iOS, will give you an overview of the best times to get the best possible deals on flights. The app is able to scour the internet analyze millions of flight fares on a daily basis. This will enable you to save almost 50% of your future flight. For example, you can search for a certain trip and the app will let you know if you should wait for a better deal or whether you should purchase it immediately. It will also let you know with its special notification system, if the price drops.


Personally, this is our favorite app and website when it comes to comparing flight fares. There is something about the filter system that makes it very easy to plan the best route for you and your travel partners, if there are any. We guess it’s for the less spontaneous people who don’t plan on changing their travel dates. Moreover, for those who like to plan ahead. It retrieves its deals from big sites including Travelocity and Orbitz. You can view  the flight options from cheapest to most expensive where you can see live how many available seats are left. If you also need a hotel or a rental car, Kayak can offer you many exclusive deals.


Just as the name suggest, Skyscanner, which is available both on iOS and Android, is perfect for those multitaskers among us. With their special and very clear bar graph, you can easily see what the cheapest flights are and which days are best for booking your flight. You can pretty much juggle from your different travel routes very smoothly, and you will be able to view the different search options at the same time. A price drop notification system is also available.


If this app doesn’t offer cheap flights, then there must be something very wrong with it. The added value of Cheapflights, is that it gives you the entire picture without keeping any surprising fees away. There is nothing more annoying than booking a flight only to find out that you have an extra $100 for different fees such as baggage costs, airport fees and more. With this app, you will not be surprised and any additional charges will be displayed.