The best state fair foods

State fairs are some of the best places to go to find excellent local produce, food, and other items. They are a great way of supporting the local community and saving some money in the process. State fairs are a hugely important part of US culture, and play a big role in the way communities come together and socialize while enjoying fun, games, and, of course, some excellent food as well.

You will no doubt have attended a state fair at some point in your life, or, at the very least, a country fair (which is similar). So, you have to make sure you are getting a feel and a taste for everything the fair has to offer. There are stalls and stands with all kinds of food, and there will be samples offered as well. This is a list we’ve come up with of some of the best foods found at state fairs. These delicious options are mouth-wateringly good and can be enjoyed at state fairs across the country.

Deep-Fried Anything, State Fair of Texas

One of the staple foods of state fairs is deep-fried food. This can take the form of literally anything, and, let’s be honest, there are few things that can’t be made better by deep-frying them. If you want to get a little brave, you could try a deep-fried Twinkie or Oreo. But, we would certainly recommend deep-fried bacon, if you get the chance. It sounds glorious, and, well, anything with the word bacon in it is alright by us.

Cream Puffs, Wisconsin State Fair

There is so much to love about Wisconsin, and their state celebration, but not many things get our saliva going quite like this exquisite invention. Cream puffs are so simple, and yet incredibly delicious. What is better than delicious puffy sweet roll, filled with a mountain of sweet, tasty cream? The answer is, not much. Definitely make sure you sample one of these bad boys next time you’re in Wisconsin.

Barbecue, Arizona State Fair

Let’s be honest, we all love a barbecue, especially in the summer. Meat lovers should head to Arizona State Fair and check out their mouth-watering barbecue and grill. There is so much wonderful meat to choose from here, including some sensational cheeseburgers, and sausages. But, the highlight has got to be the barbecue chicken – honestly, you’ve never had chicken quite like it before. It’s juicy, succulent, and bursting with that husky barbecue flavor.

Gizmo, Iowa State Fair

Trust us, once you’ve had gizmos from here, you’re going to be telling all your friends and family about them. In the pantheon of state fair food heavyweights, this is one of the best ever. A toasted Italian roll, filled with ground beef, Italian sausage, and mozzarella, and drenched in a secret sauce. It is quite simply divine, and might just be the single greatest food we’ve ever tried. Don’t believe us? Head to Iowa State Fair and try one, or two. Honestly, they are THAT good.

Foot-Long, Minnesota State Fair

The Midwest has some remarkable food, but it doesn’t get much better than the sensational foot-long hot dog found at Minnesota State Fair. This classic offering doesn’t try to do too much, and, what it does do, it does brilliantly. There’s just something about this American classic that cannot be beaten. When you are next in Minnesota, make sure you head to the fair and sample one of these tasty dogs.