The best travel flats for ladies

When we travel, we’re almost always uncomfortable. Our neck aches, our back is sore, or our feet feel too restricted. All of these things can contribute to a pretty poor journey, but we can help with one of those. We’ve got a list of some of the best flat shoes for women so that you can travel in pure comfort.

Keep them airy

Ballet flats are one of the best kinds of shoes to travel in. They’re open-topped and so stop your feet from feeling restricted and sore. They’re comfortable to walk around the airport or train station in, too. If you’re heading through airport security, they’re also remarkably easy to get on and off, seeing as they just slip on, so can make your journey much easier and more efficient. If you fancy it, this also makes them perfect to slide off during a long trip for extra comfort, but please consider the person stuck next to you if your feet don’t smell too good!

Comfort is key

Sneakers could also be your best bet when you travel. Not only will you look casual, stylish, and no different to your usual attire, but as we all know, sneakers are super comfy. If you’re walking around a huge airport or city, comfort is the most important thing. There’s nothing worse than walking for miles in a pair of shoes that rub or crush your toes. Rather than a brand new pair of sneakers you bought just for your trip, however, your most often used shoes are the top choice, because they’re already worn in and molded to your feet, making them quite possibly the nicest pair of shoes you’ve got for a long day of traveling.

Breezy sandals

Much like ballet flats, sandals offer freedom and space for your feet. Hot feet often make for an incredibly uncomfortable journey, so sandals could be your ideal footwear if you’re prone to overheating. Sandals might not be the comfiest if you’re walking long distance, however, so choose your shoes wisely.

Time to exercise?

Running, workout, and gym shoes are also among the comfiest flats to travel in. They’re made of stretchy, breathable material, meaning your feet will feel perfect the entire time. They’re also ideal for long distance traveling, seeing as they’re comfy to walk in for long periods of time, as well as supporting your feet properly.

Canvas pumps

This kind of shoe is comfortable and lightweight, making them perfect for an extended period of walking. Although, they aren’t as good as running shoes for this, as your feet will get sore after a much shorter period of time in canvas pumps. They’re also breathable and soft, so they don’t make you feel restricted or achy if you’re sat on transport for multiple hours.

As much as we’re sure you’d all much rather wear a pair of slippers, these choices are the next best. Ditch the heels and flip-flops before your feet need covering in band-aids, and stick to a comfy pair of flats for your upcoming travels.