Most children-friendly destinations in the world

The sun is out, and we can’t help but think about getting away on vacation. Is there any better way to enjoy the summer? Traveling the globe with a family may seem tough, but it won’t be any longer with these most children-friendly destinations in the world. It’s time to get exploring!


You may have heard of the grown-up stories from this Dutch city, but did you know that this is one of the top children-friendly destinations too? Yup, you heard us right. The city offers up a ton of outdoor activities from the incredible zoo to bike tours all through the streets. After all, Amsterdam was designed for cyclists. To top it off, there is the incredible Anne Frank House to add some history to your visit, as well as the canal system that offers a completely unique way to get around.


Of course, how could we leave the Sunshine State off the list could we? Disney is one of the biggest attractions in Florida, but there are also several other options that make this vacation great for children. The Florida Keys are a great place for snorkeling if you have little ones that love to get in the water, while the Shark Tooth Beach gives a chance to get closer to these magnificent creatures than you ever thought. As if that wasn’t enough, the various ‘gator parks provide an opportunity to see these prehistoric animals up close.


This country is known for its incredible sunshine and crystal clear waters on offer. However, what about the fact it has practically been designed around children? The water parks are the perfect place to start on your search to have fun. There are also so many attractions on offer, such as aquariums and indoor reptile centers for the days you want to get out the sun. If you really want a way to cool down, Turkey also has an indoor snow park! What could be better?


This country is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the British countryside. Why? The rolling hills and greenery are the perfect playground for all kids big and small. If outdoor adventures are your thing, then look no further. There are miles of hiking trails all throughout the valleys in addition to cycling adventures and climbing opportunities. Plus, the country is filled with boardwalks meaning that stroller will no longer be an issue. If you’re lucky, you might even get to enjoy one of the classic Great British summers!

The Canary Islands

Here you have a choice of many islands as you lap up the Spanish sun. There are seven main islands to choose from, with Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura being the most popular. You will certainly be set to create memories that last a lifetime here thanks to the black sand beaches. The islands also offer hotels with plenty of kids clubs meaning the little ones can be kept amused all day if you fancy some adult time. If that wasn’t enough, these islands also have adrenaline-filled sports from surfing to abseiling and everything in between.

Seeing the world is something many of us dream of doing, and now we can see it all thanks to these most children-friendly destinations in the world. The best memories can be made on vacation, and now it’s time to start creating even more with our loved ones in tow!