Creative ways to document your travels

The great thing about traveling, besides the obvious of experiencing new cultures, new tastes and smells and just taking some time off, is mostly, the idea that you accumulate memories that will stay for a lifetime. You may not realize it at first, because we are so busy, whether we like it or not, to deal with going back to our mundane routine, but the hype and adrenaline you experienced while traveling, doesn’t necessarily have to end once you go back home. The ‘post travel blues’ that many people may feel can easily be cured by just a few simple things. One of them is to find a way to document your experiences and memories in a creative way.

Each and every person absorbs their journey differently, and the things they see in the outside world are taken in in endless ways, therefore it only makes sense that there will be countless ways in which their journey could be documented. The only ‘problem’ is that not everyone knows what to do with all of these memories, and that’s where we step in.

These days, we are used to constantly snapping pictures at every given chance with our phones, so you can only imagine how hectic it can get when traveling. The thing with capturing the moment with our phone, is that it’s just for that given moment, and if we don’t instantly share it on social media, filter it with our Insta account or send it to someone close, it can get lost, not literally, but lost down your phone memory lane. It’s time to go a little DIY and upgrade your personal space and let your inner wanderlust shine through your home’s walls.

Framed Memories

We realize that the idea of actually framing your pictures sounds far fetched, because it involved actually going out to the the store and printing your photos, but if you pass that hurdle, you will come to realize that only good and pretty things can come out of it. However, if you really want yo get creative, you can frame all kind of different souvenirs like the local currency, the tickets you bought along your trip or just postcards you collected from different places.

A Recipe for a good trip:

These are some good news for all you foodies out there. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know that 99% of your travel goals have to do with food and trying out the local cuisine. At the end of the day, it’s really all about the food, the restaurants, the tastes and the smells, so what better way to keep track of your culinary experiences than keeping a recipe journal with all of your favorite dishes from your favorite.

Scratch it off:

If you don’t have that inner DIY bug, you can also just purchase this World Scratch Map from the Urban Outfitters online store. The basic idea is that you get a classic world map that is topped with foil that can be scratched off and that way all the places you’ve been to stand out, so you will always have a memory of where you’ve been to. It’s just a very authentic and raspy way to keep track of your travels and adventures.

Let’s get digital:

Now, we know it’s a little bit of going back to the whole digital sphere and less about ‘home made’ idea, but keeping a travel blog will not only help you keep track of your different experiences you accumulate along the way and document them in the easiest possible way, it will allow you to talk about your journey many more days and months after you return home.

If these walls could travel:

If you really want to make a creative statement at your own personal space, you can always choose one wall or one corner that will be dedicated entirely to your memories. That way, whenever you will pass it by, you’ll have a very sweet memory. Oh, and it’s also a very great way to make a creative statement.

Store it pretty:

This creative bookshelf keepsafe kit is actually one of the brightest and most gorgeous things we’ve seen so far. It’s so simple, yet stylish and useful that we wonder how we haven’t thought about it before. Just take a wooden store box, paint it with whatever color you feel and place on your bookshelf. The secret is to have a box that can open up and can store up things inside, for example all of your tickets, maps, postcards and more.