The end of the world in Argentina

South America is a continent full of mysterious history, varied geography, and a mix of languages. Among some of the great nations here, Argentina is one that we can’t get enough of. It’s actually a really underrated country to visit, and is often overshadowed in favor of Brazil, but, we are here to tell you how much you definitely need to pay a visit to Argentina.

If you choose to travel to Argentina, we suggest you head for the legendary city of Ushuaia. This is the capital of the Tierra del Fuego region of Argentina, and is known for being the southernmost city on Earth! So, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take the time to discover and explore this amazing city at the end of the world.

It’s the closest city to Antarctica

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, a point they are very proud of here. In fact, there are signs all around the city that read ‘El fin del Mundo,’ which literally translates as meaning ‘The end of the world.’ In fact, the city is actually the closest city on Earth to Antarctica – only 1,000 km away in fact! Because of its location, the city is plagued by bitter winter weather and has earned the nickname the Siberia of the South.

Booming tourism

In spite of the unfriendly weather conditions, the city has enjoyed a large growth and boom in tourism over the past decades. It’s a developing city that has proven popular with tourists, largely because of its status of being the ‘end of the world.’ There is actually a pretty good amount for tourists to experience here, and it’s important to understand the appeal of Ushuaia comes from much more than simply being the southernmost city on Earth.


One of the most striking factors about Ushuaia is how remote the city can actually be. In order to fully process and understand this, it’s important to head out to the oldest ranch in the region – Estancia Harberton. It was founded back in 1886, and looks like it never left; around 200 km of stretching islands, lush forests, stately mountains, and shimmering lakes spanning the area. It is a beautifully tranquil and serene place, and the kind of place you could retire to and never leave again.

Guided tour

You can actually enjoy a guided tour of this stunning place, and get to understand better its place in history. The beauty and wonder of this place almost make you forget it’s only 1,000 km from Antarctica. The early years here were brutal because of the weather, but the city has managed to get through difficult times and continues to develop and grow as an important part of Argentinian culture.

This is a fascinating city that has a unique role in the history and culture of Argentina as a nation. The fact that it is also the southernmost city on Earth is also something that’s hugely important, and a big reason for the appeal and interest in this place.