How to handle your wanderlust when you can’t afford to travel

When I say you can’t afford to travel, I mean right now, not ever. If traveling is what you want to add to your life, there are ways to both save up, as well as prepare yourself for your travels while curbing your wanderlust. I have been pretty lucky in my life, I have seen much of Europe throughout my late teens and into my twenties. I have made travel an important part of my life, although I do it far less than I would like to. Anyway, so what should you do to get a handle on your wanderlust while you’re home?

If there is a certain place you want to go to, start reading about it, learning as much as you can until you actually get there.

If there is a certain trip you want to go on, to several places, go ahead and read as much as you can about the regions and countries you will be visiting; I promise that knowing more about the place you are going to will only add to your enjoyment once you finally get there. I did just that when I was fantasizing about Italy. I had been an art history major in high school, which is where I first learned about Italian Renaissance art, so when I was in my freshman year in college, eating ramen out of the container, I was reading about Rome and Florence and the various pieces of art I would encounter once I finally made my way there one day.

Spoiler alert: I made it to Italy; and when I went to the Vatican and to the Uffizi Gallery Museum in Florence, I completely lost it. Reading about the works of art (not to mention the history of the country and culinary background of each region) made everything more personal and meaningful for me.

Travel blogs are my way of living vicariously through others as they gallivant through the world without me.

There is an endless list of travel bloggers on the blogosphere for you to get your kicks from while you sit in your rental apartment, budgeting for your next grocery shopping. Honestly, visiting these blogs is a great way to discover new places you didn’t know were worth a visit, as well as getting some kind of wanderlust relief by seeing the beautiful images the blogger took, in addition to reading their vivid description of the place and their experiences there.

Do little trips instead of one big one.

If, like many people, going on a long trip somewhere far away is not financially possible, then perhaps you should look more locally. There is an astounding amount of places to travel to within the US, with great weekend trip options guaranteed to be in your area. Going away from just one night can have you seeing a new place, meeting new people, and breathing air.

For example: I lived in New York City for a couple of years. Those of you who know it, also know that the city can get rather stifling and sometimes a girl just needs to get out and see some open spaces and green (that isn’t Central Park)! So one weekend I took a zip car and drove Upstate for the night with a couple of friends. This much more budget friendly option did the trick for my endless wanderlust and need for break free.