How to make time for travel despite a busy schedule

With so much to see around the world, we can often find ourselves torn between our desire to explore the hidden gems of the Earth, and our need for the time and money to do so. Because many of us are not lucky enough to take months off from work to leave our troubles behind and travel, we have to find time in between working long shifts, paying bills and everyday adult responsibilities (which we pretend we don’t hate, when we really do) to finally get out of your office chair. So if you need some advice on how to make time for travel when you have a busy schedule, look no further.

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Enjoy weekend trips

Okay, so you can’t really go too far over the course of two days, but you can at least get away from the same town you see week-in, week-out. Sometimes, just two days away from your normal hustle and bustle can settle your travel bug for a while. Spend a weekend in the country, check out a new city, take a long hike, or even just find a great place for a spa weekend. Your options are endless. And if you want to spend a bit more time away from your everyday life, try and take off either the Friday or the Monday for a long weekend.

Use your work holiday breaks

Unless you work for the worst boss in the world (sorry if you do), you should get most of the main holidays off from work, e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving, national holidays, etc. These holidays are the ideal times to take a trip and travel somewhere new – you could even have Christmas on the beach this year! If you don’t mind missing some of your usual traditions, this could be perfect for you.

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Travel on top of your work trips

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel for your job and are sent on business trips during various times of the year then it’s super easy to just travel a few days earlier, or stay a little bit later to actually explore the place you’re visiting. More often than not, you get sent to your business trip destination, do the work, have the meetings, stay in a dodgy hotel and fly home again; without actually exploring your surroundings. Ask your boss if you can stay a few days later and see something new!

Make traveling one of your priorities

When you’ve got a busy work life and a hectic schedule, it can be hard to think of traveling as a priority when you have so much to do. However, everyone needs free time – but this can only be attained when you realize this. You need to find your own money, time and energy to plan and work out the logistics of your trip. Without this, you’re going nowhere. Except back to work.