Thinking about study abroad?

If you currently feel like you’re in a rut, with no idea where you want to go with your life or what you want to do – don’t worry, because a lot of people are in your situation! After all, adulting is pretty darn daunting. What may be making your rut even worse is the fact that you live in the same town you were born in and grew up in, or even just in the same country. It gets pretty monotonous after a while. What you might need is to simply pack up your bags, gather all of your belongings together, and set up shop in a brand new country. Need some more motivation to do so? We’ve got it right here…

Making a difference

For many people, the idea of living abroad is something they dream about for many years. They envision days on the beach, sweltering heat, making new friends, embracing a new culture, and living the best life they can possibly live. Yet, it seems as though these ideas don’t have to be all in your head – as new research has noted that moving abroad and living in a new country will allow you to have a better sense of self. Indeed, this new research undertaken by Rice University with the help of Columbia University and UNC has found that setting up your life in a new country can increase your sense of “self-concept clarity.”

The study itself

Yet, how did these researchers manage to come to that conclusion? Well, these experts conducted a whopping six studies to come to their conclusion and investigated the lives of 1,874 people from America and those in international MBA programs. This way, they were able to test the differences between those who lived in their home country, and those who live abroad. This idea is also backed up by the famous German philosopher, Hermann von Keyserling.

What they discovered

As they went about their investigations, the research teams discovered that those who lived abroad had been able to think about new. By reflecting on themselves and the difference between their old and new lives, those who lived abroad were able to think about what makes them who they are, and how they are different to others. From this, they were able to identify the idea that living in a different country affects how a person thinks about themselves as a whole and increases the clarity of these thoughts. Yet, this wasn’t all that they discovered. The research teams also found that those who lived abroad could also experience a more satisfactory lifestyle that would often increase happiness, decrease stress, or help them find the perfect career to lead the perfect life.

Considering all of the information this study has unveiled, it’s fair to say that we’ve already packed our bags and have booked our one-way flight to the country of our dreams. What are you waiting for?