How to pack lightly for long trips

Whether you’re going abroad or up the road, if you’re going away for a while and you can’t nip back home to do a cheeky swap, or pick up that small but essential item you forgot, then you need to pack smart. This will also help when it comes to the volume of possessions that you take with you, as you will need to look closely at what is essential and what can be left behind.

The bag itself

You will need to consider what type of bag or luggage carrier you’re using, as this will affect how you pack and how much space you have. Whether you’re going hiking in Machu Picchu or simply going on a long-haul business trip, there us an appropriately sized luggage-carrier and then there is going too far. When choosing your carrier, you’ll need to consider the weight of your bags, so be sure to keep a close eye on when you’re going overboard. So, start by limiting how much you can actually bring with you by limiting the space in your luggage.

How to pack lightly for long trips

Folding appropriately

One major tip is to use the most space-saving and effective fold. Generally, it is recommended to fold your item in half and then roll it up, and this also prevents creasing that a typical fold would typically cause. There are various ways in which you can roll your clothes up, but we recommend keeping it simple while finding your preference. This is recommended no matter what your activity or destination, it has even been keenly recommended for home use as well.

Lightweight technical gear

Fashion isn’t always going to happen when you need to pack for a long trip; in fact, it’s best to scrap it altogether. There are various ranges of lightweight jackets and footwear, amongst other items, which will be much lighter and just as warm. Some fashion brands have actually adopted a more technical look to promote sales, so sometimes fashion can be incorporated into technical, except you’ll get 100% of the benefits. As for footwear, while it might be tempting to bring a pair for every occasion, don’t! Take between two and three pairs which can be multi-purposeful but do not exceed this limit.

Travel-sized items

They were invented for a reason, although many experts would suggest not purchasing any toiletries until you reach your destination. That way you will never have to give up space for something you don’t need to return, and you may finish and throw away if you’re smart. However, other necessities such as toothbrushes, towels, etc. all come with a travel size option, and you should use it. For example, a basic microfibre travel towel folds up much smaller than a regular towel and is quick-drying. These are amazing for any kinds of travels, rolling up as small as a T-shirt!

How to pack lightly for long trips

Weigh your luggage

If you’re traveling by airplane, then you will have a maximum weight you will be able to take, if you purchase some luggage scales you’ll know exactly how much your items weigh and whether there’s something non-essential that needs taking out and leaving behind.

Wherever you’re going, there’s always a simple and more effective solution, you might just have to sacrifice some of those luxuries that take up a load of space.