How to pick your next vacation spot

So you have chosen to travel. You decided that you would rather invest in an experience than a material item, so you start to save for your next trip. But where in the world should you go? It’s a tough question with so many wonderful options. Of course, the amount of time you have, as well as your budget play large parts in your final choice.  Whatever your unique situation may be, here is how to pick your next vacation destination.

You will first need to ask yourself what kind of vacation you would like. Are you a city person, a beach bum or a countryside lover? Do you want somewhere with hot or cold weather? Are you seeking relaxation or adventure? Culture, adrenaline or shopping? Who are you traveling with? Are you splurging or budgeting? Would you rather go to the popular tourist spots or go off the beaten track?  Once you have a general direction of what type of holiday you have in mind, it makes it much easier to start to explore spots.

When searching for a vacation destination, it is important to be open minded. Just because you have never heard of a certain place or can’t say it’s name properly, if you find a cheap flight then why not go for it? Just make sure it is safe before, of course. Going out of your comfort zone can allow you to have the best possible trip ever.

It is also useful to be creative as much as you can. If the flights are super expensive to your dream destination, find an alternative spot. Perhaps do not fly direct and find a bus that goes there from a cheaper airport.  You should also take the underdog into consideration and look into a country’s second city, which is usually cheaper and makes a unique option.

Once you find a place that speaks to you, be decisive, but it is so easy to think about it for weeks on end contemplating if it the right move. By waiting around too long you can miss out on a great opportunity. So once you make a choice, book it right away.  If you are feeling unsure about your travel plans, ask yourself why you want to travel? Try to understand what you are seeking to gain, whether it be to have quality time with your friends, relax, reconnect, disconnect, learn, have an adventure or work on your tan.  By understanding why you are desiring a trip it can make it much easier to chose where you should go.

Always keep in mind that the only things you will regret and those that you did not do. Remember this when you are feeling like you are not adventurous enough and need that extra push.  However do not feel as though making a safe choice is a bad one. As much as being adventurous is exciting and often necessary, doing something you know is good and a safe choice has no shame. If you enjoy yourself, then that is what’s most important.

In addition, if you find a vacation destination you are dying to go to and cannot find a partner to go with you, do not let this hold you back. Go solo and do what is good for you.  And who said that traveling has to be far away? Sometimes going close to home can make for a wonderful option and you’ll be surprised and how many hidden treasures there are right nearby.

If budget is what is holding you back, do not let it stop you from getting away. Even expensive countries have options such as hostels, and free tours that allow for a cheaper trip. It requires being more creative but that’s what traveling is all about.